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Keep scrolling for more. Synonyms for beast Synonyms baddie or baddybrutecaitiffdevilevildoerfiendheavyhoundknavemeanie also meanymiscreantmonsternazino-goodrapscallionrascalreprobateroguesavagescalawag or scallywagscampscapegracescoundrelvarletvillainwretch Visit the Thesaurus for More. Examples of beast in a Sentence dogs and other four-footed beasts the birds and beasts of the forest They were attacked by a savage beast.

First Known Use of beast 13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a. Learn More about beast. Time Traveler for beast The first known use of beast was in the 13th century See more words from the same century.

From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. Beast Mode Beast Mode An aggressive persona one might assume when in competition. Phrases Related to beast different beast. He later joins the Defenders[22] stays with the team to organize as the "new" Defenders, [23] and is one of the final surviving members at the time of its first disbandment as a result of the battle with Moondragon and the Dragon of the Moon. Beast starts out in his furred form, but on their second mission, he is captured by Tower.

He is delivered to Carl Maddicks and used in an attempt to develop a cure for mutancy, which has rendered Maddicks' son, Artiemute. Maddicks develops a serum based on McCoy's original serum, and tests it on Beast. Hank is also subjected to chemotherapy and radiation, and suffers a cardiac arrest. X-Factor arrives on the scene and saves Hank, but not before he's been injected with the serum. When the bandages around his face are removed, he is revealed to have lost his blue fur.

When they see the need for their powers, they get new costumes similar to their old X-Men costumes, and call themselves the X-Terminators, posing as renegade mutants. Beast wears a mask as he did originally, since he now looks human again. Eventually X-Factor clashes with the ancient mutant Apocalypse [27] after Angel loses his wings in a battle and shortly after goes missing. Apocalypse turns Angel into Death, the most powerful of his four Horsemen of Apocalypse.

During the battle, Beast is touched by the Horseman Pestilence, whose touch usually causes incredible pain and viral infection. The infection interacts with the recent serum treatment of Maddicks, and instead of killing him, Hank is affected in such a way that every time he uses his superhuman strength, his intelligence decreases. Hank's condition worsens for weeks. He even openly talks to Trish Tilbya reporter, not realizing she might use the information on TV.

Out of respect for Hank's situation, Trish does not mention his name when she reports about X-Factor's recent battles, only that one of them lost his intellect while heroically defending New York.

Beast is still hurt by her using the information at all, but she is able to convince him that she meant well. X-Factor finally ends their charade and are hailed as heroes, and they then don costumes similar to their previous X-Terminator costumes.

When Hank's mind is nothing more than that of a child, he intercepts a mutant called Infectia who is trying to kiss Iceman. Infectia has the ability to manipulate molecular structures through touch, creating mutated "monsters". When she kisses Beast, he becomes feverish and begins switching back and forth between his normal and furred forms. Hank soon resumes wearing his old costume, but now no longer has need for a mask. During the events of InfernoBeast, along with the rest of X-Factor team up with the X-Men and various other heroes to fight the evil forces invading the city; eventually, they manage to stop a portal between Limbo and Earth from remaining open and peace returns for the survivors.

Here, Beast plays yet another key role. Shortly after the crisis ends, X-Factor switches costumes once more; Cyclops, Jean, and Iceman all wear identical costumes, while Beast returns to wearing trunks, and Archangel sticks to his old costume he received from Apocalypse.

One of Beast's greatest challenges emerges with Stryfe 's fatal Legacy Virus. Hank is already despondent, as he is turning thirty and questions his life accomplishments. His frustrations are further compounded when Professor Xavier and Moira MacTaggert don't ask for his assistance with the Legacy research, but it turns out Xavier is just giving him his privacy. Perusing their data, Hank learns the problem is more difficult than he had initially imagined.

Hank has always believed that, given time, he could solve any problem; the Legacy Virus becomes his obsession. He goes as far as making an unethical decision in giving Mister Sinister information on the virus, since he has more resources and fewer morals to inhibit him. A turning point comes when Dark Beast finishes some of the formula, occasionally prying more information from Hank whom he imprisoned and replaces for a while.

MacTaggert discovers Mystique 's irresponsible manipulation of virus strains. The cure is incomplete and it takes Beast to design the final cure. Based on Moira's notes, Beast concocts the anti-virus to much elation, but it soon is repaid with a heavy toll— Colossus chooses to sacrifice his life to release the remedy. After mourning the loss of a teammate, Hank briefly leaves the school with Storm and her X-Treme X-Men team in search of Destiny 's diaries.

After an attack by Vargas that leaves Psylocke dead, Beast is gravely injured and returns to the Beast. As the world experiences a mutant baby boommuch of the mutant community seemingly begins experiencing " secondary mutations ", often taking the form of additional or enhanced abilities.

In the aftermath of Vargas' attack, Beast's secondary mutation is "jumpstarted" due to the powers of teammate Sage. The further mutation causes Beast to develop a more feline physique, to which he initially has some trouble adapting. A psychic attack by the genocidal Cassandra Nova leaves Beast humiliated, badly beaten by the controlled body of his friend Beak and haunted by the possibility that his new form is simply a step in a continuous state of devolution. Additionally, the alteration in form causes his long-time girlfriend, Trish Tilbyto break up with him after being accused of bestiality in the media.

Over time, Beast strikes up a strong friendship with Emma Frostin one incident bringing her flowers to cheer her up. He finds her diamond form shattered into thousands of pieces and spends some time putting her back together. With a final jolt of psionic energy from Jean Grey, Frost returns to life.

Beast later uncovers what seems to be a female mutant with feline features, like his situation. This raises hopes for him, until he discovers it's not a mutant human that looks like a cat, it's a mutant cat who looks like a human. Either way, the creature is at the limit of her life and Beast allows her to leave the X-Mansion to pass away quietly in a spot she finds comfortable. When news of a "cure" that would reverse mutations suddenly arises, Beast finds himself seriously considering taking it so he can once again appear human.

Hank eventually decides against it after vigorous "urging" by fellow team member Wolverineas it would send out a negative message to other mutants if an X-Man were to take the cure. After learning that the cure was developed by fellow geneticist Kavita Rao through experimentation on mutant corpses—as well as on the X-Man Colossus—Beast helps take down Rao's operation. When the villainous Hellfire Club attacks the X-Men, Cassandra Nova telepathically strips away Beast's higher human consciousness, leaving him with only his animal instincts.

After hunting Wolverine around campus and even eating his lega student named Blindfold faces him down with a device he and Xavier had built in case his consciousness was ever lost. The device is a high-powered sensory stimulant in the form of a ball of string, which Beast had alluded to as being his greatest fear. Once restored, he is quick to put on a suit and tie and help Wolverine with a hyper-magnetic device. He, along with his teammates, are taken from the Mansion by the government agency S.

Beast was not a particular fan of the policy and secretly violates his stance by providing Spider-Man with a holographic disguise to enable him to continue teaching at Midtown High after his secret identity has been exposed.

The X-Men and various other mutants attend the funeral of a young mutant boy named Matt Landru who has been killed in a road traffic accident and muse on what this means for mutant-kind. Beast plans to find a way to reverse M-Day. Despite the 'aid' of his other self the Dark Beastalong with exploring such diverse avenues of investigation as analysis of alternate timelines or an attempt to track down the Scarlet Witchhe is unsuccessful in his research, but the final part shows him holding a child wearing a three-eyed smiley face shirt saying "Evolution" on it as a promotion of the Messiah Complex.

Xavier's body soon disappears. Beast is also seen closing down the ruins of the X-Mansion and taking Martha Johansson with him. He is also still seeing Abigail Brandwho requests that he take a weekend off from the X-Men so that she can 'tamper with him extensively'.

Only after they stop tube-grown super Nazis, does Nemesis agree. However, because they created a device for time travel in so little time, the side-effect of the device is that the user's biology breaks down upon entering the future, so it will automatically bring the person back in thirty-two and a half hours. In order to save mutantkind from the effects of M-Day, Beast and Angel had to gather a team of specialists to help them.

They then returned to Graymalkin Industries to meet their final member Dr. Kavita Rao who was formerly trying to cure mutation. Beast and the X-Club traveled back to in order to find Doctor Nemesis's parents and discover the origins of modern mutation. During the mission, they also fought an early version of a Sentinel created by the Hellfire Club, and inadvertently caused the San Francisco earthquake. When they returned to the present, they found that their DNA evidence had been buried beneath where the Dreaming Celestial was standing in the park.

After being captured, Beast became a test subject for the Omega Machine designed by Dark Beast to eradicate mutant powers and place them in Weapon Omega while being held prisoner on Alcatraz Island by Norman Osbornalong with Professor X. Beast was rescued by the X-Men, and later recuperated from his injuries. Later, he spoke at the funeral of Yuriko Takiguchi when Magneto had arrived. Beast later returns in an issue of Uncanny X-Men to attend the funeral of his friend and teammate, Kurt Wagner Nightcrawler where he confronts Scott Summers and blames Kurt's death on Scott's increasingly militant and extremist attitude to protecting the mutant species at all costs even at the cost of sacrificing his friends to do so.

Hank appears as part of Steve Rogers' Secret Avengers team. During the Avengers vs. In the aftermath of the Phoenix War, Cyclops now actively strikes out at government organizations and holds mutants prisoner, with the X-Men unwilling to actively fight him as they fear the subsequent mutant civil war that might result. Beast, who is apparently dying due to side-effects of his secondary artificially-accelerated mutation, stumbles upon a solution after a chance comment from Iceman who says "the past Cyclops wouldn't tolerate his present self's actions".

Beast travels back in time to the early days of the Xavier Institute to bring the original five X-Men from that period into the future, hoping that Scott's past self will be able to convince his present self to stand down. Beast lapses into a coma shortly after bringing the team into the present, [62] and Jean's telepathy, which is artificially accelerated by the trauma of her trip to the future and witnessing what Scott has become, [63] manages to connect the minds of the two Hanks.

This allows the younger Hank to spot a mistake in his future self's calculations and stabilize his physiology by reverting to a blue furred ape-like state again, though this time, his ape-form is bald and has no head hair aside from the blue fur covering his whole body.

After Cyclops goes to Muir Island and discovers that all of the mutants died painful deaths, he calls Beast to do a diagnosis and Beast discovers that somehow that the Terrigen cloud, the substance that gives Inhumans their powers, has become toxic towards mutants after mixing with the atmosphere changed its structure. He becomes a trusted ally to the Inhumans and joins their counsel.

When the present Beast realizes that he cannot find a cure for the Terrigen cloud, he visits the rest of the mutants and advises them that the best course of action is for all mutants to leave Earth, but his teammates object and imprison him before he can warn the Inhumans that war is coming. Havok helps Emma to escape for the sake of his brother's memory, while Beast and his remaining teammates make up, all regretting what their lives have come to ever since discovering that the Terrigen could kill them.

The time-displaced Jean Grey accidentally reads the mind of the present Beast and finds out that he regrets never telling her his true feeling. Following the reconstruction of reality after the Battleworld crisisthe displaced X-Men remain in the future, travelling the world as they try to find their place, while the 'present' Beast works with the Inhumans to find a means of resolving the recent release of Terrigenesis crystals that have proven dangerous to mutants. The young Beast finds himself working alongside Magneto along with the rest of the time-displaced X-Men doing whatever it takes to preserve Xavier's dream.

Beast begins to use magic more freely on their missions, something that greatly distresses Cyclops. Whenever they're at X-Men HQ Beast spends most of his time on his own to continue study magic and becomes increasingly reclusive in the process. It is possible that Beast's mutation is a result of genetic atavism.

He is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, employing a unique style of acrobatic combat, from combat training he received at Professor Xavier's and coaching from Captain America. Originally, Hank McCoy retains the basic features of a normal human alongside a generally simian physiology e.

This mutation gives him superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, agility, flexibility, dexterity, coordination, balance, and endurance. Hank is equally dexterous with all four limbs; able to perform tasks with his feet or hands with equal ease.

Beast of his talents and training, Beast can outperform any Olympic -level athlete, contorting his body and performing aerial feats gracefully. Beast gained the ability to emit mood altering pheromonescausing sexual attraction in women. During this time he was occasionally depicted with claws and fangs, but these were not a part of his original mutation. After Infectia 's kiss restored Hank to his simian physique, his intellect had stabilized and returned to his previous genius-level, and his strength had increased to superhuman proportions.

After being critically wounded, [81] Hank's body undergoes a secondary mutationjump started by Sage. The result is a more feline appearance equivalent to that of a big cat.

His strength, speed, stamina, sturdiness, and senses increase further with this change. He gains cat-like agility, flexibility, coordination, and balance, and all his senses are enhanced to twenty times that of a normal human being.

In addition, Beast develops an accelerated healing factor that allows him to repair mild to moderate injuries within the span of a few hours. However, as his hands and feet change from simian Beast feline going from a normal human set of four fingers to just three, retaining the opposable thumbhe loses his superhuman dexterity, once admitting that he used to play the guitar, but is now learning to play the drums instead.

Following the X-Men's relocation to San Francisco, Beast discovers that he had regained some of his old manual dexterity. It is later discovered that his secondary feline mutation is still detrimental to his health: as such, with the combined efforts of past versions of Jean Grey and himself, Beast's condition was stabilized in a more human-like form, possessing blue fur and larger than the average human male but otherwise fairly human.

Hank possesses a brilliant intellect. He is a world-renowned biochemisthaving earned Ph. He frequently functions as both field medic and in-house physician for the X-Men, despite not technically having an MD.

A Renaissance manMcCoy is well versed in many fields including languages fluent in English, GermanFrenchLatinSpanishJapaneseArabicand Russian as well as the fictional language Latverian [21]literaturephilosophypsychologyand sociologyhistoryart and art historyanthropologylinguisticsand musicas well as in political science and economics with a special affinity for science and technology and a penchant for quoting literary classics, Beast.

His vast scientific knowledge ranges from theoretical physicsquantum mechanicsdifferential equationsnanotechnologyanatomybiomedicineanalytical chemistryelectrical engineeringand mechanical engineering to the construction of a hyper-magnetic device.

An electronics expert, he often repairs Cerebro and makes upgrades to the Danger Room settings. He has made several deus ex machina devices on par with Reed Richards, including a device that strips entities of cosmic Beast. Trending Summer Movies. Sundance Trending Titles. Films watched Favorite films. Share this Rating Title: Beast 6. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Credited cast: Jessie Buckley Moll Johnny Flynn Pascal Renouf Geraldine James Hilary Huntington Shannon Tarbet News Reporter Trystan Gravelle Clifford Tim Woodward Fletcher Barry Aird Stuart Charley Palmer Rothwell Leigh Dutot Hattie Gotobed Jade Emily Taaffe Tamara Chris Wilson Dinner Guest Oliver Maltman Harrison Leona Clarke Edit Did You Know?

Quotes [ first lines ] Hilary Huntington : That was good, all of you. Moll, I need more from you. Can we take it from the beginning? Soundtracks Fantaisie-Impromptu Op. Was this review helpful to you?

Accomplishments - Counting to k - Counting to k - Reading the Dictionary - Watching Dance Till You're Dead For 10 Hours - Reading Bee Movie Script - Re. beast definition: 1. an animal, especially a large or wild one: 2. an unpleasant, annoying, or cruel person: 3. an. Learn more. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow more. Sep 21,  · 'Beast Mode' on the ice: Jamie Benn investment is finally paying off for the Stars. Dallas Stars. 2d Greg Wyshynski. Why a bunch of ex-Bruins are backing Rick Bowness in the Stanley Cup Final. What is BEAST? BEAST is a cross-platform program for Bayesian analysis of molecular sequences using MCMC. It is entirely orientated towards rooted, time-measured phylogenies inferred using strict or relaxed molecular clock models. BEAST, a psychological thriller, take a long, hard look at Buckley's Moll, a young woman living under her mother's care and who clearly experienced some prior, as-yet-unnamed trauma%. BOSTON, MA -- The BEAST Tournament Series (BEAST) is pleased to release an updated showcase and event schedule for the season. This fall will feature 10 events including playoffs, with four total divisions in action -- U18, U16, U15, and U Beast definition, any nonhuman animal, especially a large, four-footed mammal. See more. Fortnite Save the World, Minecraft, Pokemon GO and more! PC specs: CPU: iK clocked at GHz -Corsair H Liquid Cooler -GPU: MSI Armor GTX /Giga. Jan 13,  · With Alexander Armstrong, Doon Mackichan, Sylvestra Le Touzel, Steven Alvey. A situation comedy about the comic adventures of a very reluctant country vet, Nick (Alexander Armstrong) who doesn't particularly like animals, in fact he really hates them! However, they bring him into constant contact with their mainly female owners whom he tries to woo with outlandish offers, unfortunately 8/10(6).


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  1. Apr 18,  · Directed by Michael Pearce. With Jessie Buckley, Johnny Flynn, Geraldine James, Shannon Tarbet. A troubled woman living in an isolated community finds herself pulled between the control of her oppressive family and the allure of a secretive outsider suspected of /10(K).
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    Define beast. beast synonyms, beast pronunciation, beast translation, English dictionary definition of beast. n. 1. An animal other than a human, especially a large four-footed mammal. 2. Animal nature as opposed to intellect or spirit: an insult that brought out.
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    BEAST, a psychological thriller, take a long, hard look at Buckley's Moll, a young woman living under her mother's care and who clearly experienced some prior, as-yet-unnamed trauma%.
  4. Jan 13,  · With Alexander Armstrong, Doon Mackichan, Sylvestra Le Touzel, Steven Alvey. A situation comedy about the comic adventures of a very reluctant country vet, Nick (Alexander Armstrong) who doesn't particularly like animals, in fact he really hates them! However, they bring him into constant contact with their mainly female owners whom he tries to woo with outlandish offers, unfortunately 8/10(6).
  5. 87 synonyms of beast from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for beast. Beast: a mean, evil, or unprincipled person.
  6. What is BEAST? BEAST is a cross-platform program for Bayesian analysis of molecular sequences using MCMC. It is entirely orientated towards rooted, time-measured phylogenies inferred using strict or relaxed molecular clock models.
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    The United States presidential state car (nicknamed "the Beast", "Cadillac One", "First Car"; code named "Stagecoach") is the official state car of the president of the United current model of presidential state car is a unique Cadillac that debuted on September 24, United States presidents embraced automotive technology in the early 20th-century with President William Howard.
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    Beast definition, any nonhuman animal, especially a large, four-footed mammal. See more.

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