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Robert began wearing his flowery blouse-type tops, baring his chest nightly, whereas from he rarely bared his chest.

Even worse, he had a mustache, which didn't suit him at all. Bonzo looked cool, though It was the Ludwig Vistalites, with his Rune symbol or Ballantine's beer logo on the face of his. Jimmy had his amps arrayed in the usual L-shape, with the Orange amps at the end, and a Theremin off to the side. A big Zoso was mounted on the front of the corner amp. Tonight, Jimmy was wearing jeans and the black poppy jacket Maybe he felt he could dance easier in the dress shoes, for Jimmy was a mover on stage.

Jimmy was always charismatic on stage, but when. Unless it was to ogle Robert Plant, with his amazing head of flowing, golden locks, and his unique way of moving on stage and his signature hand gestures. By this time, Jimmy and Robert had gotten their singular "dark, mercurial guitar wizard and golden god" personas down to a T. They were so in sync, that frequently their stage movements played off each other And I say this as a dyed-in-the-wool heterosexual.

Led Zeppelin was the only male rock band of the time that aroused me sexually Be honest, Robert and Jimmy were pretty. Everybody knew a guy in wood shop class that looked like one of the hairy troglodytes populating rock bands of the early's.

Even the Stones were looking long-in-the-tooth and less and less glamourous. Zeppelin on the other hand was one sexy band. Especially Robert and Jimmy They were too beautiful to be mere mortal men.

They had to be descended from gods of myth, or an alien race. They existed on a rarefied plane of beauty unreachable by most men. And boy, did the little girls understand! That's why Led Zeppelin concerts attracted more girls than all the other British hard rock bands combined. Next, the audio: Showco was in charge of the sound and lighting for the tour, and it was here that you could see that Zeppelin decided to step up their game as far as presentation goes.

Up til now, Zeppelin concerts were always about the performance of the music first, with the staging and any special effects an afterthought But with the Stones, Elton John, Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie bringing ever-increasing theatricality and sophisticated staging to the rock concert, I'm sure Zeppelin felt the time was right to bring the technical side of their show up to snuff.

Out went the hodge-podge of speakers that made up their PA stacks inand in came the Showco boys from Texas, with their sound and lighting expertise.

The difference was immediately apparent. The Forum could be a tough place to get good concert sound, especially compared to the other arenas used for concerts, the LA Sports Arena and the Long Beach Arena. But if a crew knew what they were doing, a band could still sound loud and good at the Forum.

Zeppelin in sounded loud and awesome from where we were sitting. And Jimmy's guitar was astounding in I thought his guitar sounded amazing in On the tour, it was staggering the variety of sounds he coaxed out of his guitars. And the warmth Jimmy wasn't the only one who benefited from Showco Robert's vocals were more consistent I'm talking about how they sounded coming out of the PA, not whether he could reach the high notes of the past The rhythm section of Jones and Bonham sounded equally incredible, the fat round tones of Jonesy's Fender bass rattling your bones, while Bonzo's drums as usual sounded like cannon fire.

But at these shows at the Forum, he had one of the most amazing snare sounds I've ever heard in concert. Throw in the dramatic lighting cues timed with the music, the smoke machine and dry-ice, the mirror ball and the gong of fire, it's tempting to say that the band was getting too showbiz at the expense of the music. But I never felt that was the case in The lighting and effects simply enhanced Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin - Bonzos Birthday Party (CD) drama and your enjoyment of the concert; provide a little eye-candy.

They were still far from being beholden to their stage effects the way Pink Floyd were. And it would've been silly for them to pretend it was still One note, I did not notice any mirrors behind the band, as seen at the MSG shows. Was this bit of staging only used on the second leg of the tour? Maybe it was a building code violation at the Forum? Another note: stage monitors. By 73, most bands used them and you were used to seeing those wedge-shaped speakers lined up facing the band on the lip of the stage.

But not Zeppelin What gives How could they hear each other? Any old crew hands out there that could give us the lowdown? Frankly, the first two songs of any Zeppelin concert are a blur. I suppose if I had been older, more jaded, I might have noticed the tempo of Rock and Roll was sluggish and Robert was singing it in a lower tegister. Before I know it, Celebration Day has started, and now I'm really jumping up-and-down. CD is one of my faves, and I also was trying to keep a mental track of how many different songs they played compared to the 72 setlist.

Here we were on the second song of the night and we already had a different song CD smokes in concert And it's over much too quickly. Black Dog Everything has been streamlined for maximum frontal assault. Shorter breaks between songs, less tuning on stage, just bam-bam-bam! After misadventures with the lyrics inRobert seems to have finally gotten a handle on the lyrics in The crowd goes bonkers at the ah-ah ah-ah call-and-response part, and Jimmy's solo brings the song to a crashing end.

Over the Hills and Far Away I am finally able to calm myself down from my euphoria to take note of what is going on and pay attention to what is happening on stage and around me. I see that in my hysteric state during the opening numbers, my cup of coke has become totally mangled, most of the contents ending up spilled on the floor.

As the plaintive opening chords to OTHAFA chime out, and the level of crowd noise finally dips during this serene moment, I start noticing that unique, pungent smell of the sweet leaf Marijuana is in the house. The venue begins to fill with hazy drifts of smoke. You didn't have to smoke a joint yourself Robert begins singing the opening "Hey lady" lines, and he is really playing to the crowd, particularly the fairer sex. Random squeals of female desire erupt throughout the Forum, but whenever Robert locks eyes with a lass near the stage, the brief exchange of sexual heat, energy and desire is electric.

It's a friggin pastoral love fest I do notice that Plant is singing the song lower, not only than the record, but lower than he sang it at the Forum last year. But it doesn't ruin the song for me; besides Jimmy more than makes up for it with his solo, which is way better than the one on record. While not yet at the spacey heights of the 75 and 77 OTHAFA, it sounds good nonetheless, and you can see why it almost instantly became a crowd favourite, never leaving the setlist until the tour. OTHAFA is also one of those songs that leave you shaking your head in wonder at how Jimmy is able to coax such a wide variety of sounds from his Les Paul cherry red in this casewith such minimal effects.

Bylots of guitarists were beginning to amass an array of stomp boxes, foot switches, wahwah pedals, and other gizmos, so that there was a huge line of effects gadgets in front of their feet. I looked hard, very hard at what Jimmy was using, and I could only see 2 visible pieces of gear he was using: 1 a wahwah pedal; and 2 a button or switch that he would tap with his foot That's it But Plant is doing a speil while everyone changes gear, and he's talking about walking in the park and getting hassled by the cops It sounds more like Misty Mountain Hop And it's another song different from 72!

I look around and the vibe in the place is skyhigh. People are bopping along with eyes alight and smiles creasing their faces.

This is a great concert song! I don't understand why some people hate it. It's even got some of Plant's most amusing, descriptive, and clever lyrics. And tonight, on May 31,the birthday boy is driving the song like mad, coming up with fill after fill. Then, after the final verse, Jimmy hits a switch and his guitar, already loud, sounds ten times more massive as he slashes and burns those chords through the end of the song Since I've Been Loving You Oh YEAH, now we're talking!

And see, I was right It's like watching a pas de deux. The whole song is a slow burn of intense sexiness Finally, just as the craziness reaches its peak, the band swings into the chorus and Plant releases the pressure with one more scream.

By the end of the song, you are wrung out. SIBLY is 8 minutes of intense musical drama. It earns a well-deserved ovation Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin - Bonzos Birthday Party (CD) "the ocean". But I'm so exhausted I'm hoping they do their acoustic set now. The two times I saw them in 72, they did an acoustic set. Going to California, had acoustic songs. So coming into the shows, I expected an acoustic set at some point, and right about now would be perfect as after SIBLY I was exhausted and just wanted to sit and chill for a bit.

Well, I didn't see any acoustic guitars being set up Jimmy had his Les Paul No Quarter Plus, it allowed me to sit down and regroup. Eerie fog was pouring off the stage, much to the delight of the audience. Maybe it's a cliche now, but it was effective back then. I found myself wondering what it was like to be in the first few rows with that dry-ice coming in your face. Then Jimmy stomped on his Cry-baby Wah-wah, and those massive riffs filled the room as the lights gave the waist-high fog shrouding the stage a colourful glow.

Right away, you noticed that No Quarter in concert was a different beast than the studio version When the band got to the jam, and Bonham and Jones layed down that groove, whilst Jimmy solod spectacularly over it, you found yourself just carried away, lost in the music Another rousing cheer from the crowd greets the band after the song as I'm momentarily distracted by some fight going on between two girls I don't know what they're beefing about. But security comes and things are sorted out.

By the time my attention is back on stage, Jimmy has strapped on his red double-neck. NO WAY The Song Remains the Same The sight of skinny Jimmy, bopping along the stage with that huge guitar, strings chiming every which way, is a sight and sound to behold.

At times, it literally sounds like he's playing 3 guitars. TSRTS is a rampaging gallop of a song I find it incredible the band never gets lost in the song. You could tell that the crowd took an instant liking to the song.

Joints and beers were raised in tribute, a man threw his hat in the air I think I even saw a bota bag go whizzing by. Oh yeah, this song would definitely be in the setlist for good. Hmmm, would they? Jimmy had his doubleneck But Jones was playing bass. He would need to switch to the Mellotron. I began to doubt it would happen. And as Robert's final fading scream signaled the end of TSRTS and I readied to clap and cheer, the lights turned to blue and Jimmy plucked out the opening notes to Rain Song The night just keeps getting better and better.

Rain Song is just Pastoral Splendor. When Jones comes in on mellotron, it is otherworldly. I know mellotrons were a pain to take on the road and keep in tune, but to me, no modern synthesizer or sampling keyboard can replace the mellotron. Rain Song is so beautiful, so calm and peaceful, I can really sit down and rest for the first time tonight.

I know from 72, that Zeppelin shows last up to 3 hour, and we're only up to one hour so far I've gotta pace myself so I don't crash and burn before the end.

The contact high I'm getting isn't helping. The blue lights give the wisps of pot and hash smoke in the air a horror-movie feel.

And I'm starting to get the munchies. But I'm not missing a minute of this enchanting song Hey, after Rain Song is over would be a good time for the acoustic set A restroom break and then grab a hotdog or some candy and a coke, then back to our seats, hopefully not missing any songs.

Well, Rain Song comes to its rousing conclusion and a thunderous roar fills the Forum. The total effect of hearing 3 new HotH songs back-to-back-to-back overwhelms us, and we are moved to a standing ovation complete with flicked Bics in tribute.

Dazed and Confused Our pit stop wil have to wait. For as the descending notes of doom sound from Jonesy's skull-rattling bass, an expectant roar comes from the crowd.

Everything from the sound to the sheer dramatic lighting to the performance of the boys themselves is geared towards one thing: Blowing your mind! Yeah, I'm not moving from my seat.

By 73, the leadup to the bow segment has been finally set, with the addition of the "San Francisco" interlude very effective with Plant spraying his echoplexed moans eerily around the room. Of course, the bow segment is spectacular and Jimmy drives the crowd Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin - Bonzos Birthday Party (CD) with his taunting with his bow. As he whips his guitar in orgasmic frenzy, you could sense the sexual energy surge in the place The bow segment is equal parts music and conjuring the howls of demon-dogs from hell.

With the new improved lighting and smoke effects no lasers yetits total effect is one of complete mesmerization.

By turns haunting, spookily beautiful, creepy, frenzied And it cemented Jimmy's rep as a guitar wizard in stone. Looking around the faces of the crowd, you saw people stunned in disbelief at what they were seeing and hearing.

And there was still the fast jam part to come. The initial flurry and call-and-response with Plant, the funky interlude, the stop and starts, the Mars-Bringer of War bit. All of it delivered at breathtaking speed and with blood, sweat and fury.

Lots and lots of sweat. As Jimmy and Robert whirled about the stage, every time Jimmy whipped his head, you could see sweat flying off his hair. I was trying to think what other bands could do this More crucially, those bands had 2 guitarists, meaning one could take a break every now and then, and let the other guy take a few bars.

Jimmy was alone And especially tonight, when he was wounded. I kept looking to see if he had a special wrap or bandaid on his left hand, but I didn't see anything. He did go off to the side near his amps a few times between songs. More important and impressive was the fact that his playing showed no effects of the injury And when Jimmy again put on his double neck, I felt for sure we were getting Stairway, which had to mean the concert was getting closer to the end. Stairway to Heaven Stairway is Stairway Plant makes a "laughter" remark and bythe solo has really taken shape, divided into two parts.

At the end of the song, cue the giant mirror ball with the spotlight. Moby Dick Bonzo's drum solo. As first Robert, then Jimmy and Jonesy, left the stage, I settled back for what I knew would be at least 20 minutes of drums.

By then, I had already grown weary of drum solos, which in less-skilled hands became bore-a-thons. As I stayed, my BB went to get us more snacks, as the contact-high munchies I had acquired since Rain Song had exacerbated to a full-on hunger attack.

Fortunately, my need to piss had dissipated I guess because of all the excitement. Drums, drums and more drums And they were LOUD. My ears were already ringing Then there was the sight of Bonham's head and arms flailing away at often incredible speeds, while his hair flew and every so often he'd snarl and roar.

Throw in the light show, with the lights bouncing off his orange coloured Vistalights creating interesting effects, and the total effect was one of total sensory overload. Oh, and he added a new wrinkle fortympani with flangers Before anyone could catch their breath, Bonham launched into an unfamiliar beat The answer came as soon as Jimmy swaggered in Did I say swagger?

For when Jimmy came in with his familiar strutting riff, it was with a sound and tone that was incredible. Top that off with the sight of Jimmy strutting and staggering sexily across the stage And really, Jimmy's guitar rig should be in some guitar hall of fame as one of the most amazing sounds of all time.

However, the fast solo, while okay, didn't seem to possess the careening wildness of earlier Heartbreakers. And then they chopped off the end of the song, for right when the solo ends, instead of Robert going into the last verse, Bonzo does a choppy fill, then Whole Lotta Love Because of the sudden beginning, it takes a while before the band finds its footing.

One treat you get with this song, is you get to see Jimmy, the Silent Man, sing along with Robert during the. By the theremin interlude, the band has found its footing, and worked its way into a groove.

Which brings me to another quality that separated Led Zeppelin from countless other hard rock and metal bands Led Zeppelin had a way with a groove that was uncanny More than other hard rock bands, you'd see blacks and latinos at Led Zeppelin gigs. After the bow solo, the most mesmerizing sight at a Zeppelin show was watching Jimmy work the Theremin. You'd get a small taste during No Quarter, but it was WLL where you got the whole wizardry, with Jimmy throwing crazy shapes while Plant did battle with his moans of love.

It was amazing to hear and hypnotic to watch After the guitar solo The Boogie Mamas in sound really sweet But just when you're expecting a fun oldies medley like in 72, Robert comes in with the "woman, woman, woman" refrain, and it's back to WLL, long before anyone expected.

But the band has a trick up its sleeve. As Robert goes into that long "Looooooove" and the band crashes into the WLL riff, giant flashpots explode behind the stage, sending balls of fire and smoke upwards. I believe this was the first tour where Led Zeppelin had used explosives, and it caught all of us by surprise.

Then, as if that wasn't enough, at the end, during the final crescendo, Bonham calls forth the fire gods with his Gong of Fire. We are all going nuts Robert says good night and the band bow and wave goodbye This audience will riot if they don't get an encore.

And with the memory of the 4 encores they did in 72 fresh in some of our heads, we might not even be happy with one. Minutes go by and after much clapping and stomping, the band returns to the stage as the crowd hails its conquering heroes. Robert pays tribute to the crowd and to Jimmy, remarking for the first time about his finger injury. He says Jimmy has been soaking his hand in cold water Atta-boy Jimmy Then, surprise-surprise, Bonzo.

Encore 1: The Ocean This is a fun song, and the band seem to enjoy playing it. I really don't understand why they didn't play it more often. This is another HotH song, and I realize that they played almost the. The Ocean is over much too quickly and the band says good night again. But they return for one more I'm hoping it's Thank You. But it's not. Instead Jimmy cranks the Les Paul up one more time for Encore 2: Communication Breakdown And another song that sounds way better in concert than on record.

People are headbanging like crazy. I summon every last bit of energy I can from my weary year old body to indulge in one last carefree blast of headbanging. Throw in a funky bit at the end, and I'm watching Jones and Bonham laugh together as they're feeling the groove. All you can think of at such a moment is how cool it must be to play in Led Zeppelin. It would be like being a member of the coolest boy's club in the world. With Communication Breakdown over and the band, once again, taking bows and saying goodnight, we held out hope for another encore.

But shortly after that, the house lights were raised and it was obvious that was it. It must have been around pm. Either way, I was in Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin - Bonzos Birthday Party (CD) euphoric state Two hours is a lot to ask for with an injured finger, let alone.

As we made the long, slow trek to BB's car, and out of the parking lot, I tried to stave off the sleep that was beginning to come over me. I thought about the Tour shirt that I was going to wear to the last day of school the next day.

Yeah, I was gonna show it off with pride! As I leaned my head against the car window, and watched the city lights and car lights whiz by in the dark night, one final thought reaffirmed itself in my mind, as I let sleep overtake me.

And I was going to get to see them again All those great memories, and my first thought was--you wrote all that on a cellphone with your left thumb?? Great stuff, Strider. I remember having that same worry, "will they make it to the Forum ok? Thanks Strider for this amazing story, told in a very gripping way. This gives so much more colour to the vibe of that show which I and many of us here only know from bootlegs.

Thar was the best post I have ever read on this board- it made me feel like I was actually there. I especially like your take on Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin - Bonzos Birthday Party (CD) release of HOTH. It often seems so overlooked to me, and it was a landmark album for the band I believe. I smiled a lot as I read this wonderful memory that you shared with us. They were something else, just simply beholding!! Please keep the memories coming. I agree that this is probably one of, if not the best post I have ever read on this forum.

Thank you for this and for making me relive a lot of my 73 memory. That was an excellent remembrance that caught the tastes and the feel of the early seventies. With the descriptive bonus of the sheer craziness,loudness,fan-madness and musical genius of a Led Zeppelin concert. That was great Strider. I've never been to a LZ concert, Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin - Bonzos Birthday Party (CD), but your discriptive memories put me right there with you.

Thank you for the review, Strider. I remember that night, but not in as much detail. It was the third time that I went to a Led Zeppelin concert, and my first night visiting the Hyatt.

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"Heartbreaker" is a song from English rock band Led Zeppelin's album, Led Zeppelin II. It was credited to all four members of the band, recorded at A&R Recording and Atlantic Studios in New York City during the band's second concert tour of North America, and engineered by Eddie Kramer. Moonchild Records Led Zeppelin Bonzo's Birthday Party 3CD. $) Write a Review Write a Review × Moonchild Records Led Zeppelin Bonzo's Birthday Party 3CD Stairway to Heaven / Moby Dick / Happy Birthday Bonzo / Heartbreaker / Whole Lotta Love / The Ocean / Communication Breakdown. Jun 06,  · Now, the last time I strolled down memory lane, I had written about my experiences hearing Led Zeppelin for the first time in (Dazed and Confused), and my ensuing efforts to acquire the first Led Zeppelin album and the subsequent impact that hunk of vinyl had on my 7- year old head. This week we release this classic masterpiece “BONZO’S BIRTHDAY PARTY” released by ancient TMOQ. An album covered by William Stout, a symbol of TMOQ that jumps out of the birthday cake is also an intense masterpiece. Apr 06,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Bonzo's Birthday Party on Discogs/5(4). Led Zeppelin Bonzo's Birthday Party 2CD Moonchild Records. $) Write a Review Write a Review × Led Zeppelin Bonzo's Birthday Party 2CD Moonchild Records Led Zeppelin BBC B Cover 2 CD Moonchild Records. $ Quick view Add to Cart. Led Zeppelin Empress Valley 4CD Earl's Court Arena London View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Bonzo's Birthday Party Collector's Edition on Discogs. Label: Neverland - NL//// • Format: 5x, CD Unofficial Release • Country: Japan • Genre: Rock • Style: Classic Rock. Apr 06,  · Im at the flea market on Sunday and Im looking at records and this guy says to me you like Led Zeppelin, well this guy pulls out a bare white cover album and pulls this orange/ yellow vinyl record out and in the colour are black marks in the coloured vinyl . About File Formats. MP3 is a digital audio format without digital rights management (DRM) technology. Because our MP3s have no DRM, you can play it on any device that supports MP3, even on your iPod! When George Harrison and wife Patti dropped by to help celebrate. Bonham threw both of them, fully clothed, into the swimming pool.” (Led Zeppelin Tears Up Los Angeles, Newswire, June ) The Diagrams Of Led Zeppelin package their Bonzo’s Birthday Party is a single pocket cardboard sleeve with duplicates of the TMoQ vinyl release. There are many competing releases of this show.


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  1. Apr 06,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Bonzo's Birthday Party on Discogs/5(4).
  2. Live at Los Angeles Forum, California, May 31, This is the TMOQ "smoking pig" label rather than the original "farm pig" label. After their split, Dub continued using the original TMOQ farm pig label while Ken replicated all Dub's releases and issued them on the TMOQ smoking pig label, using Dub's plates by arrangement with the lady who owned the pressing plant.4/5(5).
  3. Zolozshura says: Reply
    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Bonzo's Birthday Party Collector's Edition on Discogs. Label: Neverland - NL//// • Format: 5x, CD Unofficial Release • Country: Japan • Genre: Rock • Style: Classic Rock.
  4. Bonzo’s Birthday Party is packaged in a fatboy jewel case with the William Stout artowrk on the front cover and on each disc. This is an improvement over the TDOLZ because it is more complete and more natural sounding and not as processed. Graf Zeppelin have been producing amazing quality titles and .
  5. Led Zeppelin / Bonzos Birthday Party / 2CD. in s, Led Zeppelin, Moonchild Records /09/27 Views. Led Zeppelin / Bonzos Birthday Party / 2CD / Moonchild Records. Translated text: Recorded live at The Forum, Inglewood, Los Angeles, California, USA. 31st May プレスCDでこ .
  6. Discogs: CD, Bonzo's Birthday Party. リリースのクレジット、レビュー、トラックを確認し、購入。.
  7. Disc 3: Moby Dick, Heartbreaker, Whole Lotta Love, The Ocean, Communication Breakdown Wendy’s Bonzo’s Birthday Party, released in April , is a redaction of the soundboard and two audience recordings. It is their attempt to present the concert in its entirety.
  8. There have been multiple releases of the audience tapes including several editions utilizing all three, and it sounds as if Wendy used Bonzo’s Birthday Party (Vol. 90) on The Diagrams Of Led Zeppelin, one of their last and greatest releases. This is the first time the audience sources were used to complete the show. download lossless FLAC from.

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