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With the self-depreciation that was so typical of him, he said: "I never did like to see nobody play for no dancing or party or nothing and just play in one key. You can't call anybody no musician - course, I'm not really a musician as far as that goes - a person can't call himself a musician that plays in just one key.

Most of his peers in Richmond, he noted, were limited to blues in the key of E, and in the course of his provincial existence, he met few guitarists of any stature. He recalled once seeing Blind Lemon Jefferson as did, it would seem, nearly every performer of his generation and the hillbilly Ill Do It Later - Bill Williams (30) - Keep Holding On (Vinyl Riley Puckett, but only in passing.

His oft-recounted association with the legendary Blind Blake meant much less to himself than to blues researchers, and there were only tenuous musical connections between them. He always seemed to have greater difficulty with the handful of given Blake motifs he played than with daredevil works like Pocahontas or The Chicken both of which appeared on his first album. Whether Bill's perfunctory recollections of Blind Blake were plausible or not is still open to question.

For example, he once remarked that Blake had joked about wanting to marry his sister, and had begun a correspondence with her after moving to Chicago to make records. When the sister was located near Richmond she proved to have no knowledge whatsoever of Blake's existence. Perhaps Bill's very claim to have known Blake in the first place was a figment of imagination or an elaborate private joke, for it was often difficult to tell when he was being serious.

In order to produce groans from his listeners whose eventual skepticism made no impression on him he would make ominous threats to quit guitar-playing, or harp upon how much he despised the activity, even though it appeared to occupy most of his leisure time. Towards the end of his first recording session in Greenup, he made a dramatic announcement that a compelling appointment in nearby Vanceburg would make it impossible for him to complete his album.

When first offered a tour of folk clubs in the east, he similarly pretended to balk at the prospect of traveling. With the air of a used-car salesman he would offer to teach his entire repertoire to younger guitarists for forty dollars, making progressively lower offers as his high- pressure sales pitch met with resistance. The purpose of this ruse if anything, he would have given lessons for free was never clear. He liked to be mildly scandalous in respectable company, as when he would suddenly recite a ribald toast or recount episodes of barnyard bestiality, giving the impression that it was his favorite outdoor sport.

His assortment of quirks seemed no less formidable than his guitar techniques; one recalls his incurable habit of grinding his teeth while playing guitar which posed a considerable engineering problem during his recording sessions, as it produced a squeaking soundhis perpetual insomnia, and his Spartan diet he seemed to subsist entirely on cheese, crackers, and baking soda.

Locally, it was rumored that Bill had become slightly "touched in the head" after having suffered a fall. That Bill's musical faculties remained spectacularly intact at an age when most of his contemporaries had gone musically senile is amply illustrated by the songs on this album.

Perhaps the true measure of his capabilities was his knack for converting a shopworn staple like Salty Dog into a guitar masterpiece instead of playing it in routine fashion.

The predominant key of Bill's works was C, and he usually tuned a half step sometimes a full step low on the guitar. Railroad Bill, a ragtime song in C, is a salute to a once-notorious Alabama train robber and one of the most famous pieces in black folk tradition. Cartertwo traditional white ballads in the key of C.

While the prohibition era recalled by the former piece which is said to actually date to the nineteenth century now seems remote, Greenup County still bans the sale of liquor. Darktown Strutter's Ball which is played in the key of F, was Bill's recapitulation of the famous ragtime hit by black composer Shelton Brooks, which originally appeared in and was popularized by Sophie Tucker.

Yazoo L and is played in the key of C. Blake's Rag was Bill's impression of an unrecorded Blind Blake instrumental and remains something of a curiosity because Blake never recorded any ragtime instrumentals in the same key Germany.

Bubblegum, a blues in D, is likewise an evocation of an unrecorded Blake theme. Mockingbird, one of Bill's supreme instrumental efforts he considered it almost as difficult to play as the Star- Spangled Banner was an American pop song of vintage; though it became a white fiddle standard from whence Bill derived itits original composer was a black Philadelphian who played the piece on guitar. Bill's interpretation is played in the key of A.

While many of Bill's songs are traditional, they ultimately illustrate less about blues traditions than about the wizardry that was once Bill Williams. His discovery came at a time when there was little hope left of finding quality musicians with a first-hand knowledge of the country blues guitar styles of the 'twenties and 'thirties. Charlie Parsons, LP), a guitar teacher-player-enthusiast from Greenup, Kentucky sent Stefan Grossman a tape of Bill Williams, to see if Stefan, the author of three fine books on country blues guitar playing, could offer any help in getting him recorded.

Stylistically, Bill is unique; he has the agility and speed of Blind Blake, and shares some of Blake's ideas, but by and large his style is completely personal and highly innovative; the early beginnings of the Merle Travis guitar style can even be heard in Bill's spectacular right hand thumb work.

Bill was born in in the country outside of Richmond, Virginia. He learned to play guitar while quite young, and in his teens he Ill Do It Later - Bill Williams (30) - Keep Holding On (Vinyl to ramble around the country. In Virginia he had begun to play for rural black dances, at parties, juke joints, etc. In the course of his wanderings it was natural that he'd run into other musicians, and he says that he met Blind Lemon Jefferson although, oddly enough, he never heard Jefferson play in person and white guitarist Riley Puckett of Skillet Lickers fame.

Bill fell in with Blind Blake, about six years before Blake began to record, and the two "ran together" for about six months, Bill showed the legendary guitarist the now famed and apparently misattributed "Georgia Bound. He travelled to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and his able guitar playing and remarkably powerful voice amazed and captivated the crowds.

Despite Bill's constant avowal to "quit playing cause I'm too old," few men have lived for their music as much as Bill: his whole life is entertaining people who drop into his house for a chat, or audiences - anyone, anywhere who can share his joy of music. Bill complained that we wore him out with too many questions, that he was too tired to play anymore for us - but he'd be smiling all the while, and already have started playing some tune he thought we'd like to hear.

In questioning Bill, we did not seek to trace his life history or the history of particular pieces too carefully: the Blue Goose album notes supply much useful information that need not be duplicated here.

We were interested, rather, in the relocation of a blues singer and guitarist from Ill Do It Later - Bill Williams (30) - Keep Holding On (Vinyl to the predominantly white hillbilly area of Kentucky that is Greenup County.

Did Bill play differently for white audiences? Did he stay with the blues? How much did the white rural music affect his style? Read on Bill Williams died Greenup, Kentucky, 6 October Paul Oliver: Blues off the record - Thirty years of blues commentary. A 73 -year old guitarist can be forgiven for losing the sureness of touch and loose co-ordination demanded in the lost art of blues-playing, particularly if he offers original or authentic material to an audience which has been largely denied the chance to hear yesterday's greats in person.

Williams, an engaging performer who amazed audiences at the Smithsonian Festival, was once a close companion of the legendary Blind Blake, and his musical ideas certainly rival those of Blake's.

Williams' playing is a trifle sloppy, but the ideas in his playing are unequaled in quality by any blues guitarist today, and considering his advanced 74 years, this is easily overlooked. He plays guitar faster than anyone I have ever seen, and his powerful voice is overwhelming.

His repertoire Ill Do It Later - Bill Williams (30) - Keep Holding On (Vinyl blues, old time songs, ballads, etc. Blues World 45S. He taught himself to play after surreptitiously taking his brother's guitar which his brother had safeguarded. He developed his ragtime style early but didn't work professionally but rather went to work on the railroad.

Williams worked as Blake's regular second guitarist, but picking his accompaniments instead of strumming as most would do. Today, Williams still does some of Blake's songs but arranged and altered to Williams' style. This style has been called by Nick Perls, on whose Blue Goose label Williams records, as the "most sophisticated" of all the blues guitarists he knows.

This is because of his broad range. Like Mance Lipscomb, he knows a great number of negro folk songs but in addition, he delves into the white music scene with ragtime arrangements of pre World War I songs like Long Way to Tipperary, Old Joe Clark, and others. Besides these, he has adopted many fiddle tunes to the guitar with success. Another talent he has is to pick up tunes and immediately transpose them to guitar. To this day, he still picks up songs from many sources which he is in contact.

At his concert at Binghampton, which was one in a series which included Montreal, New York City and Providence, it happened to be his birthday, so when he announced this backstage, his fans sang to him the obvious. Tired, but seemingly full of energy, he pulled out his guitar still another time and played the wildest ragtime version of Happy Birthday one has ever heard. His intial recording was Low and Lonesome on Blue Goose, which actually Williams was tricked into doing.

Williams' constant protests about quitting and his humility always made it difficult, even after Blue Goose had recorded him. However, Perls explained that a measure of a performer's talent is that when the best musicians find it so easy to play, they don't understand what all the fuss is about. But in Williams' case, at 75 and complaining of an arthritic wrist, his fingers move at an amazing rate. Low and Lonesome includes fine demonstrations of this including minstrel songs like The Chicken, several jazzy rags, arrangements of Blind Blake tunes, pop songs such as Up A Lazy River and Frankie and Johnny as well as his own material al.

Although this seems broad enough, Perls claims that this is mainly a blues album and does not represent the whole breadth and scope of his material. He has two more albums in the works, the next one will, hopefully, be released in the spring. Now when I think of Bill Williams, I think of the Colonel humbly bowing to the wild standing ovation and finally having to stop only because the building was closing.

For a guitarist of such uncommon ability Bill Williams enjoyed an all-too brief period of public recognition. Williams' repertoire spanned blues, ragtime instrumentals, hymns and "patriotics" a term he used for almost any white or pop standardBill played in an intricate guitar style with lots of syncopation and doubletiming, although it lacked the harmonic diversity or "contrapuntal" ideas of many blues musicians. Williams' voice had the edge and brilliance of the Memphis songbird, Frank Stokes, but with a richness all its own.

This album captures the very best in his playing from the quickfingered treatment of "Salty Dog" and the lively instrumental "That's the Human Thing To Do" to the bluesy "Bubblegum" "my tongue feels like Bubblegum! He even pulls off the sentimental country spoof "When the Rows Bloom for the Bootlegger. A fine memorial album. Mary was descended from a John de Forde of Abbey Field, who died in In view of the Harvard legacy of his father and grandfather, it should be no surprise to learn that William, too, enrolled at Harvard College at age 16, graduated at 20 with honorable distinction, and commenced theological studies with his father.

William was a man of medium build, erect and well proportioned. He had dark brown eyes and black hair. Colonel Ephraim Williams commanded a regiment of provincial troops, and at the first volley was shot through the head. Before the battle, Colonel Williams had made a will leaving funds for a college that would later become Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. William returned home after this wartime experience with a feeling of contempt for the British officers in general, who were haughty and who openly regarded the colonists as inferior men.

He put aside the idea of further religious study, opened a store in Lebanon, and prospered as a merchant. At age 25, he was elected Town Clerkthe beginning of a long political career holding local, provincial and State offices. He was a Lebanon selectmanLP), and was soon thereafter chosen a member of the Connecticut Assembly, and for forty-five years he held a seat there. He held a number of official positions in the Assembly, including that of Speaker of the lower house ; in his later years he was named Judge of Windham County Court and Probate Judge for the Windham District He studied law and was sent to the General Assembly, where he held posts under the royal governor for some years, became the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and then became the Royal Governor inkeeping the job of Governor, despite the revolution, until His works include the portrait above of William Williams, and the four large paintings of the Revolution now hanging in the Rotunda of the U.

William became an ardent supporter of the proposition for Independence, and gave his support financially through his own purse as well as through many effective writings. Williams presented the claims of the colonists in the press, and helped compose many of the Revolutionary state papers of the Royal Governor Jonathon Trumbull. During the s he served on committees that considered the Stamp Act, the Connecticut claims to the Susquehanna lands, the case of the Mohegan Indians, and settlement of the boundary disputes between Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Williams served as a Colonel in the Connecticut Militiabut he was also the son-in-law of the Royal Governor! Governor Trumbull was the only royal governor to support the revolution. In William went from house to house soliciting private donations to defray the cost of sending Connecticut troops to aid in the capture of Ticonderoga.

The Connecticut Assembly appointed Williams a delegate to the 2d Continental Congress in June,to take the place of Oliver Wolcott, who had become ill and had to return to Connecticut. Williams did not arrive in time to take part in the debates for Independence in Congress, nor was he present to cast a vote for the Declaration. His timing did permit him to sign that parchment in August when most of the other delegates did so.

After Williams arrival in Philadelphia, he found the activities of the Continental Congress and its Committees involved in what today may sound somewhat familiar. His letter home to brother-in-law Joseph Trumbull on August 10,was totally about the politics involved in the appointments to Army rank. York by our army on Sab. Pure Bliss Remastered by Shmu. If you like Vinyl Williams, you may also like:. Opal by Vinyl Williams. Cd delivered, big thanks for stickers and pin button Martin FX.

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Jan 08,  · Via an interesting bit of nickname formation common up until a few centuries ago. The equation was, simply put, (name - second syllable) - first letter + new first letter. If you were a Medieval English farmer and thought “Robert” to be a bit too. The shame that comes with being unable to pay a bill can be bad enough without the stress of being locked up for it. If you've been contacted by a creditor or collector, the first thing to do is. ILL BILL Brick Wall. Vinnie Paz Show all songs by ILL BILL Popular ILL BILL albums La Bella Medusa. Beats By Bill. Howie Made Me Do It . BILL LONG Vinyl Records and CDs. Bill Long Discography Price Guide Recently Listed Email Alerts Refine Search Results. Artist: Title: Label: Cat Num: Barcode: Genre: Country: Seller: Price bill long Page 1 of 1. Bills Lyrics: I got bills I gotta pay / So I'm gon' work work work every day / I got mouths I gotta feed / So I'm gon' make sure everybody eats / I got bills / All these bills piled up on my. Bill Williams, a year old bluesman from Greenup, Kentucky, will be featured on a forthcoming Blue Goose LP. The previously unrecorded Williams ranks among the most polished and proficient living traditional bluesmen, and has a large repertoire embracing ragtime, hillbilly, and even pop material. of results for "john williams vinyl" John Williams In Vienna [2 LP] by John Williams/Anne-Sophie Mutter $ $ Get it as soon as Tue, Aug FREE Shipping by Amazon. Jurassic Park (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Exclusive Limited Edition Raptor Egg Colored 2x Vinyl LP (Only Copies Pressed Worldwide. by. William Billings, foremost composer of the early American primitive style, whose works have become an integral part of the American folk tradition. A tanner by trade, he was self-taught in music. Among his friends were many prominent figures of the American Revolution, including Samuel Adams and. "Old" Bill Williams, M.T. Old Bill Williams was one of those rare individuals who can be characterized as a Mountain Man’s Mountain Man. Standing 6 foot 1 inches tall, he was lean and sinewy, possessing unusual strength. He had blue eyes . Bill Williams Biography by AllMusic + Follow Artist. b. 28 February , Richmond, Virginia, USA, d. 6 October , Greenup, Kentucky, USA. Williams claimed to have played ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ within 15 minutes of picking up a guitar in .


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  2. Bill Williams, a year old bluesman from Greenup, Kentucky, will be featured on a forthcoming Blue Goose LP. The previously unrecorded Williams ranks among the most polished and proficient living traditional bluesmen, and has a large repertoire embracing ragtime, hillbilly, and even pop material.
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    of results for "john williams vinyl" John Williams In Vienna [2 LP] by John Williams/Anne-Sophie Mutter $ $ Get it as soon as Tue, Aug FREE Shipping by Amazon. Jurassic Park (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Exclusive Limited Edition Raptor Egg Colored 2x Vinyl LP (Only Copies Pressed Worldwide. by.
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    Jan 08,  · Via an interesting bit of nickname formation common up until a few centuries ago. The equation was, simply put, (name - second syllable) - first letter + new first letter. If you were a Medieval English farmer and thought “Robert” to be a bit too.
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    Bill Withers LP Vinyl Records; Skip to page navigation. Filter (2) Bill Withers LP Vinyl Records. Best Selling. $ shipping. or Best Offer. Watch. BILL WITHERS " Simply Bill " A Collection Of His Music Vinyl Radio Station Copy. $ $ shipping. Watch. BILL WITHERS 'BOUT LOVE - COLUMBIA WHITE LABEL PROMO LP.
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