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If you can get them to sit down regularly and play things multiple times, the improvement will be significant! If you have questions or struggles, please feel free to reach out to me. Doors open at pm for general seating. Here are the dates of rehearsals unless otherwise noted:. January 13, 20, 27; February 3, 10, 17, 24; March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31; April 7, 21, Band is worthwhile, band is life-changing, band is incredible!

Studying a musical instrument with a qualified instructor will develop problem solving skills, teamwork, goal-setting, self-expression, kinesthetic development, memory skills, self-confidence, and concentration.

Most of all, music is a form of intelligence in which all children should have access! Our rental night with Robert M. Sides will be September 17 at 6 PM in the cafeteria. Mark it on your calendar now! If you cannot attend either meeting, please go to the following site and do the rental online:. After working with your child with different mouthpieces in the first week or two of school, I will be able to tell which instrument suits your child best: brass, woodwind or percussion.

If you wish to purchase after a few months, you can purchase the one that you are leasing at a substantially discounted price. When looking for used instruments, there are several worth your investment if they are in good working order.

For your protection, purchases should be made after a conversation with me. Several local stores sell instruments that have not been repaired or minimally repaired, which will cost you more in the future. There is nothing wrong with used instruments.

The ones from Robert M. Sides have all been sanitized before they go into your child's hands. Not every music store does this. These are brands that Robert M. For bells, the same 3 brands are recommended. If you have an instrument that was in the closet for 10 years, it may be more expensive to fix it than to buy an excellent quality new or used student instrument. All of the instruments from Sides are sanitized. The ones on eBay are not! Math Expression - Vito Raisi - Math Expression (File brass instruments should be chemically flushed before your child uses it in school.

Breathing in mold and bacteria from instruments that have not been cleaned in years may cause your child to become ill. Frequently Asked Questions. It has been found that students participating in school instrumental music programs generally average higher grades in other subjects. Your child needs to complete any work missed during lessons, but most teachers are flexible as long as your child does their work. How much does my child need to practice? With more and more homework being assigned at the elementary school level, I ask that the beginning band member practices a minimum of 20 minutes each night.

If this is done 6 out of 7 nights, I am only asking 2 hours total out of the week. This can be broken up into two 10 min. This will be tracked with a practice chart signed by you weekly. Even if your child is in other activities, 20 minutes is reasonable. I work very hard to be flexible with the students about lessons. I was always involved in sports and band. Flexibility and compromise are keys to success.

Will my child be cut from the band? Your child will have a spot in band, but every position needs to be filled. Just like on any sports team, each position needs to be filled. There is a need for committed clarinet and sax players this year, but numbers may be limited depending on interest.

The number of beginning drummers will definitely be limited. The only reason a student is "cut" is if they choose not to show up for their lessons. Michele Boretski. Summer Music Academy. Hazleton Area School District. Hazle Township, PA The goal of the music department is to match each student with an instrument on which they will be successful!

In September, your child will have the opportunity to start instrumental lessons for the school year at Valley. Please do not buy an instrument over the summer. Shirt purchases may be made by following this link:. About the concert and commissioned piece…. Tickets are sold at the door. There will also be a Chorus on March 19, Fred Barletta has also aided us with pictures and slides from the park taken when he was a boy.

This link is to his bio:. Here are some notes about the piece from the composer:. By tracing the model and year of the Carrousel, we determined that the music was produced by a Wurlitizer Band Organ. Doug Hershberger of the Wurlitzer Department of the Museum, Math Expression - Vito Raisi - Math Expression (File, was able to suggest the most likely music to be played on this particular style of band organ. Angela Park Celebration contains several of these familiar tunes.

Visitors to the park likely heard these pieces playing throughout the park during their visits to Angela Park. The piece begins with a theme that was frequently heard on Angela Park radio commercials over the years. This motive is used throughout the piece. The piece then winds its way over for an auditory ride on the Valley Coaster.

Finally, you get a chance to shine by being in the band! If you would like to be part of the band, return the form to your classroom teacher or the band director, Mr. It may be found in Band Forms and Documents on the left side of the screen.

The deadline for signing up for band is Friday, September 19! Parents: Please complete the form giving your permission for your student to be part of the band! If you have any questions, please contact me at faddent hasdk Once I have received the permission forms, I will be in contact regarding instrument selection events.

Based on which instrument your student likes best, instrument availability, and the instrument on which I think they will be most successful, we can help your child choose an instrument.

More information may be found at Mr. Forte's page:. If you would like to know more about the individual instruments or band in general, please visit www. Have you met the dedicated teacher who serves as your child's band or orchestra director? Maybe you had a chance to talk to him or her at "band night" or "rental night.

If you have pressing concerns or questions, simply set up a time to meet privately. Like most teachers, the band director is responsible for lesson plans, grading, discipline, and the many other duties faced by those who have dedicated their lives to education. In addition, however, the band director is an administrator, fund-raiser, drill instructor, instrument repairman, conductor and "most important" a musician.

The director's mission is not only to instruct your child, but to inspire your child. Both your child and the band program as a whole will benefit greatly if you, as a supportive band parent, make the effort to become an ally of the director. The simplest way to build this relationship is to stay in touch. You'll want to attend any scheduled conferences, of course, but you should also feel welcome to phone or e-mail the director to ask about your child's progress.

Most directors will be more than happy to spend the time with you. Keep in mind that the band director may teach more children than any other faculty member in the school. Bands and orchestras are large groups, and the band director may be responsible for hundreds of students, so it's impossible to work closely with each child individually. If you feel that your child is struggling, by all means, make time to discuss the problem with the director, who may recommend private instruction or advise you regarding better practice methods at home.

Many young musicians find that band is their favorite school activity. Not surprisingly, the director becomes not just a teacher, but a friend and mentor. Your own supportive relationship with the band director can help strengthen the respect that is the basis of your child's relationship to the director. You can help instill the disciplines that are necessary for your child to succeed within a large group.

Every school band program has its rules and regulations. These are typical:. Please make sure your child is attending their lessons and practicing between 20 and 30 minutes every day.

Skip to Main Content. District Home. Select a School Select a School. Sign In. Search Our Site. What are you searching for? Fadden, T. Tom Fadden. Rent your quaility beginning instrument now from Robert M. Sides completely online with safe delivery to the school at:. Robert M. Sides is the district approved vendor for rental of all band instruments.

All instruments are quality new, like new, or used instruments approved by the music teachers of the district. Don't be stuck with an instrument purchased online that will break easily due to poor construction. Repair technicians will not guarantee the work done to them. Then you get stuck trying to sell it to recoup some of your cost. If you would like to discuss alternate sources, please rent an instrument first and then let me help you find one.

Please contact me at faddent hasdk Thank you. I have posted demonstration videos for woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments on YouTube. Sides Family Music Center. Please contact me if you would like to try that out. Here are links to all the rough cuts of the videos on YouTube:.

Woodwind Instrument Demonstration. Brass Instrument Demonstration. Percussion Demonstration Video. Lesson groups are done and may be found in the Lesson Schedule section on the left side of the screen. A lesson schedule with lesson groups will be completed this weekend. We will start lessons soon with returning members! Third Grade Recorder Book. For new students wishing to start instrumental lessons in grades 4 through 6, here is the rental flyer for Robert M.

All rentals will be done online this year. Sides Rental Program Flyer Here is a form for students that may be borrowing a school owned instrument such as french horn, trombone, baritone, euphonium, or tuba with approval from Mr. Fadden :. Here is a brief video from the President and co-owner of Robert M. Sides about their easy to own program:. Sides Rental Program English. Sides Rental Program Spanish. Sides has put in place to protect you and your children:.

Sides is also selling Play-It-Safe Kits. Those have been ordered taken into account the typical number of beginners. Based on prices elsewhere, the company is selling these items at or near their cost:. For students trying to access MusicplayOnline.

Here is a link to the Lyons three piece recorder that comes in multiple colors if you would want to buy one for yourself. You are not required to do this as one will be provided for you in January when we start, but you may do so if you wish:. And here is a link to the recorder book we will be using. You do not need to print it out at home. You can just view it on your screen unless you choose to print it out, for example one page at a time.

I have the reproducible version here:. Thanks to all Mrs. Sharkey's students today for helping Mr. Fadden get through the first class. Hopefully using the web browser version of MS Teams will solve the audio issue.

Here's a link to the Musicplay website:. Hi everyone! Welcome back! My room was not finished when I left on Thursday. There were still not ceiling tiles in place yet from the violent windstorm in March. So my room is just a big pile of stuff. I plan on constructing lesson groups this week that may be similar to last year's groupings.

The scheduled in person rental meetings have obviously been cancelled and everything will be online. Everything will be posted here for you to access as well as links to Robert M.

Sides for online rentals that will be delivered to the school. Please do not buy any instrument online without checking with me first. I do not want you buying a used instrument that is in poor working order or a new one that will break easily becasuse it is made of poor materials. There are some brands emerging online that are promising. All beginning students will be required to have the Sound Innovations Book 1 for their instrument as well as some other instrument appropriate items like a music stand amd care kit.

Students going into middle school should have the Sound Innovations Book 2 for their instrument. You may call Robert M. Sides and purchase the book which will be delivered to the school. Or you may purchase the book wherever else. Please just make sure you are ordering the MP3) one. If you found what you think is the right book or need help finding it, please email me and I will steer you in the right direction.

Anyone that still has their recorder because they dod not return it last year Don't worry if you don't get to do it by the end of the week since today is the last day we are to post new assignments. Hopefully everyone is safe and your families are well. Have a great summer!!! The coloring pages will be posted on Class Dojo.

Post your coloring! Band members I have put up a printable certificate for you in Band Forms and Documents. Just add your name and print! Click on the words "Band Certificate " to view and download:.

A YouTube playlist will be made available later. Post your coloring page as well! Here's a fun old movie from called Mr. B Natural by Conn Musical Instruments. After you watch the movie, post in the comments on Class Dojo the name of the boy in the video and what instrument does he choose to play!

Koury will have a box to put those in separately for textbooks. Students should wash out the recorder before returning it. Also, please put your name on a post it note or similar and place that inside the zippered bag with the recorder. Band members remember to use Mr. Forte's page for practice and for online recorded lessons. Second grade your instrument of the week is the gong!

My wife and I put together this week's video just like last week. Here is the YouTube Link:. The coloring page and sound file Going Going Gong!!! Third grade students will be playing recorder in the same manner this week, adding the next song as a quiz at the end. Here is a link to the play along video on YouTube:. Practice all the known songs as a warmup. Then practice the new song as much as necessary in order to play it for your parents for a quiz.

You may do so with the video or by yourself unaccompanied like you would have done for a test in music class for me. Parents please post on Class Dojo once your child has practiced all the songs as a warmup and performed the quiz on the song successfully for you. They may play it slower if necessary but they should not rush through it. If they would like to record it for me they may do that as well. Older videos are posted in the Band Forms and Documents to practice individual songs but this video has the music up with me playing off to the side for help.

Thank you for your support and cooperation! Second Grade there will be two activities this week. The first one is a repeat of sorts. Maybe the first activity from April will make more sense to you. There is a PDF of the book as well you just have to rotate it clockwise to view properly.

Everything is in the subcategory link to the left towards the bottom. You can download the tracks separately or in a podcast format which is a separate category. All are mp3 format. Here is a playlist for the second grade from YouTube of some different types of cymbal sounds. The first on the list is a tour of the Zildjian factory. The rest are relatively short. One of the second graders requested that I play Imperial March on trumpet after not having played since we left school. My neighbors are close and I couldn't get in the room after the storm.

Here it is! Fadden playing the Imperial March. Spread the word to other band members to check it out. Video message to Valley Band Members. Since most camps will be cancelled, if you and your parents are interested in summer lessons there are several teachers that will be great to take lessons from for the next few months! Please let me know if your instruments are in need of repair. I can help you arrange that with either:. Second grade students Here is the YouTube link:.

Fadden Cymbals Video. If you are in the need of a replacement recorder I recommend this one. It is cheap and equal to the quality of the one your child has for class:. If you are in the need of a recorder, Musician's Friend is your best bet for now. They are a very large company and buy these things by the thousands so they just eat the shipping costs on things like this. Your child may complete the assignment when the recorder arrives at your house.

Second graders may be interested in watching How It's Made for some instruments. We do that in class usually when we are coloring to align with the PA state initiative to talk about careers. Here are two for piano and one for metal snare drums as well as one for drumheads and drumsticks.

Each is about 5 minutes long. Some may be longer if the process is more involved:. If your child MP3) their recorder in school that's unfortunate. They are supposed to stay in their backpacks but I understand that things happen. Please order another from Amazon. And then the assignment can be completed once it comes in. The site says for prime members if ordered now that it will be shipped and received by Saturday.

Or another alternative may be a flutophone an older sibling has around when Ms. Widis was teaching. While there may be cheaper ones, the dollar store ones don't work. Or the shipping time is longer. Or the shipping costs are ridiculous. If I find any alternatives I will post them. I'm working on it as we speak but I have to wait until it actually comes in to let you know. So the procedure for each of these videos each week will be to practice all the known songs as a warmup.

The first quiz is on the G and A Blues. Most teachers live in a paper world, but in this time that we live in we are dealing with lots of stuff.

One is technology not working. Music teachers like me live in a very paper oriented world. Here's a couple of options:. If it's out of ink, Amazon Prime is shipping stuff pretty quickly. My mother's laptop battery would not hold a charge. I ordered one Sunday afternoon and it showed up yesterday Monday afternoon at her door at PM. If it's a connectivity issue with a wireless printer, try hooking it up with a USB cable directly. Or reinstall the drivers with a new downloaded set of drivers from the company's website or the original cd you got with the printer.

I have to do that every so often. So I think I got them all working now. Sometimes Brother printers for example go into a Deep Sleep. Unplug it from the wall wait 5 seconds and plug it back in.

That's a good thing to do for any technology once in a while. They are all basically computers and need to be restarted. If you're afraid of technology, the kids can still do their coloring work. Here's three options.

The first two are simple:. Draw the animal freehand and color it. Someone did this with the Peter and the Wolf puppets and they looked great! Then color it in that program and save it! Then you can send it to me or take a screenshot of your final work of art! Basically you take a screenshot of the pdf and then open it with Paint. Here's the website where I found that information for Windows:. The detailed tutorial on opening PDF in Paint: 1. Once the file is opened, navigate to the page that you want to edit in Microsoft Paint.

This will basically capture the whole screen and copy the screenshot to the clipboard which can be pasted in any other program. The Seal on the Cymbals coloring and information page may be found in Band Forms and Documents or by clicking below. There will also be links added there for the audio tracks and videos used and other neat ones to watch when you are coloring. Post your finished picture on Class Dojo!

Seal on the Cymbals. Track 42 Crash! Crash Cymbals. Track 43 Suspense! Suspended Cymbal. A parent asked if I Math Expression - Vito Raisi - Math Expression (File do a video of the Imperial March lesson.

It will be in 2 different parts:. Just follow along and do what I do. I think I counted the repeats too slow at the top of the second page. However, what I played was what was on the page.

Then leave your comments on Class Dojo. If you find other versions on YouTube of other orchestras or bands share those as well. There are probably hundreds of videos of the Imperial March by different groups. Look up some other music by John Williams. What's your favorite? Make this a fun activity! This A is for alternative formats to download so it will mess up the PDF file margins and print things out all wacky.

Please always print on the title to the upload, such as "Peter and the Wolf Puppets repost". Peter and the Wolf Puppet Game. Happy Star Wars Day! Most students know that I am a big fan of Star Wars. Follow along and clap the rhythm on page 5 when you hear it. Students can play along on whatever you have handy On page 3 and all of the "A" section for the second and third line you can play the rhythm on G.

When you get to the "B" Section on page 4 switch to the note A and play the rhythm on the page. When you return to the "A" section switch back to the note G and play the rhythm on the page. One more activity. This is an easy one. No paper involved. This is the Imperial March but in a different key. The Imperial March is in a Minor Key. Glory to the Empire is in a major key. Generally, major keys are meant to sound "happy" and minor keys are meant to sound "sad" or feel differently.

After listening to Glory of the Empire, ask yourself "Did that make me feel differently than the Imperial March? Post your comments on the activity on Class Dojo. This activity will be in the Portfolio section as well as the rest of the activities that I have posted for the last several weeks. You should be able to find your music classes easily now. Fadden" and the rest just use your class teacher's name or homeroom teacher's name. Have fun! May the Force be with you!

It seems that some 2nd and 3rd grade students were having trouble finding my assigned enrichment activities on Class Dojo. I believe that most of the classroom teachers are posting their activities on the Class Story. This is my first time using that website, so there's a learning curve with everything!

Please also check here for updates. Forte has generously shared the videos and activities that he and Miss Gerhard have made Math Expression - Vito Raisi - Math Expression (File we have been closed.

Please visit his website for enrichment and new instrumental materials here:. Forte Instrumental Activities and Resources. Scott Watson's YouTube site, download the warmup page for your instrument from his Google drive and play along! Watson's 4th Grade Warmups. Middle School Band Students and younger more advanced students may also go to Dr.

The Undivided Five. It was recorded in eight different studios around Europe, with the pair combining atmospheric orchestration and traditional instrumentation with occasional glimpses of modular electronics. It feels like a stunning soundtrack to a movie we've not yet seen - unsurprising given that they have previously composed a number of scores - and genuinely gets better with each successive spin. Boards Of Canada. DJ Mink - "Hey Hey! Can U Relate?

Aphex Twin. That's certainly the case with Syro, Richard D James first official release under his Aphex Twin moniker for some 13 years. So, is it any good? For starters, it sounds like an Aphex Twin album.

There's madness, beauty and intensity in spades. In other words, it's an Aphex Twin album, and - as so many have pointed out since the album's release was announced - there's no-one else quite like Richard D James.

Flying Lotus. Flamagra Deluxe Edition. Hot Oct. The album is basically any synth lover's paradise, where sparse but rhythmic melodies glide in and out of foreboding tunnels and more docile landscapes. We're especially pleased with Plessow's impressive step into more experimental, Krautrocky territories and really putting his synth collection to work here.

The Serpent's Egg. EADA 22 Sep Holly Herndon. Selected Ambient Works Jim-E Stack. AWD 22 Sep Quentin Hiatus. Mango Ice Cream EP. Bob Moses. RUG D 1 28 Aug Sophia Loizou.

HTH D 25 Sep Bind Remixes. Finds You Well. Ghostly International US. Whities WHYT 07 Dec The Primitive Painter. AMB D 26 Jun All About This EP. NEU 27 Nov ATL 07 Sep NOUS 12 Jun Spurred by the recent lockdown, the album delves deep into themes of isolation inbringing together swathes of dub and drone to bird song, minimal piano and beatless numbers like "On A Rainy Day" and "Cyclical Ruminations".

Find straight up rhythm tracks in "The New Normal", "Wish You Weren't Here" and the nebulous "The Hobbyist" with its shimmering atmospheres, holographic vocals and hissing percussion. Proof of what an artist can achieve when left only with time and their devices. Live At Henie Onstad Kunstsenter. Smalltown Supersound Norway. STS D2 24 Apr Login or Register. Save Word. Log In. Keep scrolling for more.

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Next up, the shimmering snare expressions and subtle breaks influences of 'Revin' roll into view, before the stunning soundscaping and unorthodox percussive panning of 'Snake Dance' arrives in style. Finally, the choppy delays and minimal, stripped back rhythms of 'Lerzin' add the perfect addition to a very well thought out selection. math library free download - Intel Math Kernel Library for Linux, Unique RAR File Library, Music Library, and many more programs. RBdigital loading. is a place to share and follow research. Join ,, Academics and Researchers. Academia is the easiest way to share papers with millions of . Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Haynes Publishing is the home of car, motorcycle, scooter and ATV manuals, as well as a range of other specialist topics in print and digital formats. Apr 9, - Explore shakzone's board "IDM" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Management, Internet, Free download pins. Jul 13, - Explore Allyson Chong's board "Music Guitar ༘♫♬", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Music guitar, Guitar, Music pins. Despite a law passed two years before that criminalized any expression of anti-U.S. sentiment, Don Pedro gave a fiery speech in Lares on September 23, This speech, the English version of which you can download below, fired up the people to the point of conducting an insurrection against U.S. colonialism the next month on October McGill University Authentication Service - Stale Request. You may be seeing this page because you used the Back button while browsing a secure web site or application.


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    Next up, the shimmering snare expressions and subtle breaks influences of 'Revin' roll into view, before the stunning soundscaping and unorthodox percussive panning of 'Snake Dance' arrives in style. Finally, the choppy delays and minimal, stripped back rhythms of 'Lerzin' add the perfect addition to a very well thought out selection.
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