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Theme From Norefjell' has been licensed from Black Hole. It's been won by the Defected label. Watch out for another hit for this new label. Check their web site at www. Same time as the sun, then. However, it has been brought to our attention that the Mean Fiddler Organisation denies that it is liable to Cream in that or any sum, and our article should have clarified that the sum in question constituted a claim by Cream, not an admitted or proven debt.

We apologise to the Mean Fiddler Organisation for these errors. If you're currently in the first year of full time higher education and you'd like to get involved in the marketing of MUZIK at your university, find out more by logging ontowww. Hit the Ministry's web site at www. Call the hour hotline on 70 for more info.

Tickets for the former can be booked on 1 99, for the latter on Gary Dennis and Bob Masters, playing everything from house and garage to old disco and soul. Call the credit card hotline on 01 for tickets. So I took the chance to call some old friends to see if they could help out. And they did. Financially, rehabilitation treatment is fairly expensive and Nicky was not in a position to afford it himself. Each of these people had known him for the best part of 1 5 years, so I'm sure they did it out of respect.

For the full story of Nicky Holloway's rehabilitation and recovery turn to our feature on page T WO former police officers are under investigation after allegations that they stole 40, ecstasy tablets which were then sold to dealers in Scotland. They were approached by former Metropolitan Police detective Duncan Hanrahan, who had retired from the force on ill-health after being attacked by a burglar.

Details of the claim came during Hanrahan's trial at the Old Bailey, where he was jailed for eight years and four months after pleading guilty to a number of offences including conspiracy to rob, steal, supply drugs and pervert the course of justice.

All the offences relate to the period after Hanrahan left the force, when he became a private detective. He carried on drinking with serving officers and got to know criminals, acting as a conduit between the two sides.

The drugs allegations relate to when Hanrahan was registered as an informant. He orderedecstasy tablets from a dealer in Chiswick and arranged to have them stolen by DS Guerard and DC Carter, who raided the premises on a bogus search.

DS Guerard and DC Carter retired from the force on grounds of ill health before this case went to court, but a Scotland Yard spokeswoman confirmed investigations against the two were continuing. The book see sleeve opposite is over 1 40 pages long and features stunning visuals of the island from the last 1 0 years, using the finest images from club photographers such as Jamie Baker, Raise-A-Head, Daniel Newman and Ronnie Randall.

The book features eight chapters, ranging from Ibiza's Discovery and the British Invasion through to the recent Rebirth, with words from Muzik writers. There is also an emotional Foreword by Danny Rampling which will be serialised in Muzik's July issue alongside full details of Ibiza ' The book's visuals range from club photos to beautiful beach shots and atmospheric sunsets, reflecting the tempo of the white island.

For full details of how Muzik readers can purchase the book at a reduced rate, see next month's issue. It will be in cinemas from June 4th, with special previews around the country in the weeks leading up to the release. Human Traffic has been the subject of frenzied bidding and marketing wars since rough cuts first appeared late last year. At the last minute, Pete Tong won the war to put togetherthe soundtrack for London Records, which will appear shortly before the celluloid release.

It manages to be humorous without being condescending. People are going to just be able to laugh at themselves, " he told Muzik. And having already seen a sneak preview, we can promise you that this is the film that finally nails exactly what it's like to have a lost weekend of pills, thrills and heartbreaks.

Jim Carroll, Helium Cole. Carlisle HeprobyFE BurmanLtd, London No pan of this magazine may be reproduced, stored m a retrieval system or transmitted in any form without prior permission. Tel: Fax Tel: Muzik has managed to set up a special preview of the film for 40 lucky blighters, who'll be viewing the final cut before anyone else, including Barry Norman. And not only will you get to see this year's bestf ilm before all your mates, but we'll also throw in a soundtrack too.

To win a pair of tickets, simply tell us the name of Howard Marks' autobiography. Don't forget to stick your name and address on the postcard. She was 48 and had been diagnosed with uterine cancer only last year. Three men arrested for Double Trouble murder P olice have charged three men in connection with the murder of Double Trouble rapper Michael Menson.

As reported in Muzik last year. Mario Pereira, 30, of Edmonton, London and Charalambus Constantinou, 26, also of Edmonton, were charged with murder, while a third man, Husseyin Abdulla, 50, was charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

All three are believed to be of Turkish Cypriot origin. Menson 's solicitor Michael Schwarz described the arrests as "a significant moment in the family's quest for justice. Some of the tracks were previewed at the last ever Heavenly Jukebox see last month's Muzik.

The duo have also announced their first live shows since 1 Club culture. Make yourself heard. Enclose SAE and daytime tel number. Allow 28 days for delivery. Send to: homelands 1Dept MZ3. Tickets available at face value for cash from all Mean Fiddler venue box offices. For National Express direct coach travel call 80 80 80 or for combined coach and event ticket call 90 For coaches nationwide contact Event Express on or 1 Bill subject to change.

I know it sounds a bit arty, but it worked. Maybe we'll get them down Ultimate Base! In my room, the crowd went so manic they actually broke the DJ booth. It was in pieces by the end. CJ Bolland played live and he was awesome.

Sven Vath was there too. He always used to be the last man standing. We're like the Marlon Brando and Kirk Douglas of our times. Been through it all, and here we were sitting around discussing our favourite fruit juices.

One of the highlights was definitely the third birthday of Ultimate Base. Though I have to say that the last night of Wildlife at Heaven the following night pretty much topped it. I haven't played Heaven since Garage back in A fantastic night, Gatecrasher on the Saturday was good too-Taucher was DJing in this insane big silver lame suit with enormous boots. Biggest tune of the night was 'Music For Pushchairs'. It might look like I came across a bit shy, but you 've got to remember, these guys are ultra-sharp, they're entertainers.

But I did get in a reference to Bryan Adams being "poo". When I was chatting with Roy backstage afterwards, he thought I was winding him up when I told him I used to play his records. But I did, way back when, in my wedding jock days. I also did a bit of an American tour this month. First up, Twilo in New York, where we've got a semi-residency.

Then New Orleans, but sadly just missed the Mardi Gras. Grandmaster Flash was on the bill too, but I couldn't get to talk to him - his entourage was too huge.

In Los Angeles we had a launch party for my album. We didn't invite any celebrities - 1 didn't even repay Will Smith's hospitality of a couple of months back!

And I nearly died on the way over to Austin. We flew right into the middle of an electric storm and had to turn back because we couldn't land.

Everyone was screaming and hyperventilating. I thought I was going to do a Buddy Holly. We did eventually make it, after trying again in another plane.

The flight from Hell. We did our own night on the Tuesday, which went off, even though Gamier and Oakey were playing down the road. And the night before, I spent almost the whole night at the Tenaglia party dancing on top of the bar.

Nothing was going to stop me. I got a round of applause at the end when I jumped down, and Danny even got on the mic to thank me for dancing.

Thank you very much. What a night. One of those unique moments. Carl Cox's Top 10 For April. He sings like a girl. And when he danceshe dances like Michael Jackson - and old people. As I am a bird, I must eat them. Full School Uniform must be worn at all times when on school! Definitely no trainers. Pupils must be courteous and polite to teachers and members of staff. Morning registration is at 9.

Pupils must endeavor to be present at this t! Ian Botham is accused by the tabloids of smoking pot. Meanwhile, Home Office minister David Mellor claims that the overproduction of cocaine by Latin and South American countries will mean a flooding of the drug into Britain.

Leigh Bowery's club Taboo dominates London clubland. Youngsters Malcolm Duffy and Princess Julia work in the cloakroom. Tasty TimDJs. InaninterviewwithTheFace, Boy George is pressed about drugs, but remains uncharacteristically evasive. Clint Eastwood is elected mayor for Carmel. Scratch-mixer Chad Jackson appears on Blue Peter demonstrating how to scratch and mix using only sticky-back plastic, Fairy Liquid bottles and four Technics turntables.

DAT tapes are launched at a trade show in Japan to a negative reaction from retailers who claim it will undermine sales of CDs.

NASA claims the 1 mile wide 'Happy Face' crater, pictured by its Mars Global Explorer spacecraft, is a natural phenomenon - but then they would say that, wouldn't they? We reckon this cosmic graffito proves that Mars is merely a service station on the extra terrestrial orbital rave circuit and predict the imminent discovery of the 'Gurning Face' formation on Jupiter, Neptune's 'Got Any Skins? Chelsea have always had a strong DJ followingbut who's a True Blue and who's a post-Gullit new skool faker?

We asked our secret Stamford Bridge source. Paul Oakenfold Our source says: "Oakey sits in the middle tier of the posh seats 8B - he's a proper Chelsea supporter alright, has been for years. Never known to travel away to Millwall though. Sits in the rich seats - the archetypal j posh, nouveau blue. Probably actually likes Frank Leboeuf. Sits in the posh seats about two along from Oakey. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Credit due, considering the racist nature of the crowd in the Eighties.

There is a bit of an unholy alliance between Rangers, Chelsea and Linfield in Northern Ireland due to a ridiculous Loyalist thing back in the Eighties. Football makes strange bedfellows. He's a QPR fan who jumped ship last year. Sums it all up really. He'd thrown up the idea of this character, Bobby Digital, so I came back with some images of how I thought he'd look.

RZA wanted the mask to be part of it and the hat, but he also wanted to incorporate a feeling of the Seventies blaxploitation movies. The idea was to use images that told something of the story, with overlapping backgrounds. And RZA is making a movie to go with the album too. So we put in lots of explosions because all those old movie posters used to always have some. They're your archetypal sexy babes.

I guess that harks back to the Bond babes too. The main image had to have RZA with a big-ass gun. And I certainly think we gave him that I The shot of him with the pistol is just to show that not only can he use a rifle, but hey, he's a man of many weapon skills.

All the guns are based on real ones, but tweaked up to sci-fi proportions. The van is based on the van that RZA owns himself. The way I did it was to paint the entire piece, but then went into it on thecomputer to muck around with it. I know it's a cliche, but I just want to make people move. That's what disco did for me and I'm trying to do thattoo. The rest, as they say, is history. So, as someone who, in house music terms at least, has managed to shift an awful lot of vinyl, what's more important- commercial success or respect?

This has always been a way for me to make a living, so it's important to sell records. But the strange thing is that since I decided to only do stuff that I really like and get a real kick out of, my records are selling more than ever. And Dutch producer Olav Basoski, for one, certainly isn't complaining. Disco, after all, has been good to him. Early Grandmaster Flash and Aaron Neville vibes blend into the ciubsounds of the nineties.

This collage showcases 13 original and unpublished numbers by new French groups and individual performers, including Phoenix and Ernest Saint Laurent. Their brand new album combines hip hop, furious upbeat jazz-fuelled grooves and exotic funk psycho soundscapes. Flat who? This month we hang: Standards.

That's what this industry needs. Inject a bit of moral fibre into the young curs of dance music. Sadly, national service is no longer an option, so we've brought back our hangman instead. Now this Van Helden chap has been causing a bit of a stir recently. But please, why can't he just stick to the studio business and keep well away from the turntables?

Which makes the so-called 'boxing ring' bout between Fatboy Slim and Van Helden the biggest mismatch since Bruno thought I hecouldtough out Tyson. Until you stick I to twiddling knobs, we have no choice. In the name of Muzik. You may even believe you're Snake himself. Loads of gadgets and a mean throttling move are at your disposal. Otherwordly sword and sorcery type of affair with the voice of Tom Baker. An hour of gameplay and you'll have the hang of it. Zen-inspired 3D fighting scrolling game where you're dressed as a tiger.

Why they called it after a brand of tea eludes us. A few simple karate moves and claw swipes and you're ready to go. It's a good mixture Phatt - Various - Filthy House For Dirty Stop-Outs 2 (CD) beat-em-up and, say, a Crash Bandicoot scenario.

Probably lots of medication involved. Might not have you hooked for too long. Valerie Singleton. She always will be the epitome of what Blue Peter was all about. She's still around you know. Who's better - Billie or Britney Spears? Billie, definitely. I saw her on Never Mind The Buzzcocks - she looked great and really held her own with that bunch of twats.

Who would you rather go down the pub with - Ron Davis or Monica Lewinsky? Kd just want to put my arm round her and tell her not to worry because she's been through a hell of a lot. I'd probably ask her for some money too I I hope she's coining it in.

What are you doing forthe millennium? Standing stark bollock naked on a beach somewhere. Not Brighton because it'll be a bit nippy there - it's got to be somewhere hot.

I won't be working though, the millennium's too important for that. Who's your favourite soap star? Tiffany from Eastenders. I actually remixed her once without realising it! She was singing in her boyfriend's band, Uno Clio, about three years ago. The A-side was called the 'Handbag Mix' which isn't really a great selling point. My mix was excellent of course I Who were you in a previous life?

I don't believe in reincarnation. We just go somewhere else. Probably Sirius, which is this constellation out in space where some people think we originally came from.

You're cooking a romantic dinnerfor two- what's on the menu? Something long and tasty! Ha ha! I'd probably order in Thai food -I like cooking but I 'd want the best.

Have you ever had a heterosexual experience? In a dream once. It was with Madonna. I had these dreams up until I was 23 which used to confuse me more than ever!

An idiot's guide to the simpler dilemmas in dance music FattoySliro Hide Brown. Produced at the end of, by this farmer third of legendary junglists Foul Play, 'Spirit.

Incredibly, it was his first solo attempt at garage. There's a bit of the 'Apache' break in 'Spirit' too. We help thousands of people find and build a home on the Internet every day. No technical knowledge required. FAST - homepage in 10 minutes. FREE - 12Mb's of webspace. I was born in Naples on February 7th, 1 and stayed there until I moved to Frankfurt a year ago.

How did you start DJing? I started when I was about 1 5. My friend had a pirate radio station and I used to make tapes. It was during a period when there wasn't much except house in Naples.

Then, in abouta lot of DJs started coming over from Loncjon. There was party after party and people began to understand the music more. What was the first record you bought? It was actually about 20 records, but I can't remember any of them. No big tunes. There wasn't so much music coming to Naples, because Italian distributors were shit. And the last? Can't remember. I get sent most of my records. Where do you buy records? There's a shop in Frankfurt called Freebase, but mainly I get tunes from distributors.

Which tunes never leave your box? I'm sorry, I'm so bad at names. Your speciality is three declc mixing. Why is three better than two? When I started doing this, ages ago, I used to play loops: it's possible to create something new with loops on three decks, something that's particular to me. When you play a record, it does everything for you.

With this, you can be more personalised. Describe your style. I never know what I'm going to play before I DJ. I take a lot of records with me - usually about and I play direct to the crowd. They feel what I feel and vice versa. I can play really hard techno, or tech-house, but it's boring to play two hours of just minimal stuff or tech-house. What are your strengths and weaknesses? I think very carefully aboptwhat mixes with what. I don't know. Who are your favourite DJs?

Richie Hawtin. His technique and selection is really good and clean. He has got a great groove, nothing too complicated. What are your favourite clubs to play? And The End in London, of course, because the sound system is so good. I always have a good time in London - the people are So into the music and the party. What would be your dream line-up? It probably wouldn't be techno people. I'm not really too focused on people, I'm more fpcused on music. What are your plans for the rest of ?

Also, I've got my third release on Zenit, the label I set up here in Frankfurt. N OT doing anything on Saturday night? Depressed because you've run out of nail varnish to watch drying, your mates are all down the local trying to drink it dry and you haven't been clubbing since because you're so skint?

Well, worry no longer, all you clubland Cinders. Because Muzik has teamed up with Radio 1 and Serious Management to provide one lucky Muzik reader with the ultimate Saturday night out. The winner of this competition will spend a mad Saturday night out clubbing with Jules while he does what he's best at- being Britain's best DJ.

Firstly, you'll sit in with him at his posh Radio 1 studio while he does his live show. You can stand in the booth and tell him if his mixing's okay. And, if you ask really nicely, he might just buy you a drink or two. To win, just tell us which record label Jules runs: a Creation b Manifesto c Sony For the tie breaker, please give us a brand new slogan for Jules' show eg "Like toilet paper, we're on a.

The best one will be chosen by Jules himself. Sorry, but competitions are NOT open to overseas readers. And the editor's decision is not open to appeal. Postcard From Miami Frank Tope recalls just enough about Miami's Winter Music Conference to fill this column id-March and like a procession of particularly mad hares, DJs, club promoters and the entire British dance music industry decamps en masse to Miami and the delights of the Winter Music Conference.

Deals are done over daquiris and untold plots hatched by the pool, Phatt - Various - Filthy House For Dirty Stop-Outs 2 (CD).

Of course, it's really just a gigantic excuse for a knees up, but as long as the deals keep coming through, the expense accounts can be justified. The Novamute label sprang a surprise party in the penthouse of The Pelican which ended very messily indeed.

The only disappointment of the week was the lack of amazing new music. Maybe that was because most of the best records were British and are already anthems on this side of the Atlantic. But the real story, of course, is what happens after hours, in the toilets and bedrooms and crouched over the smoked glass coffee tables of South Beach's poshest hotels. Not for nothing, you realise, is Scarface every DJ's favourite film. But as far as the full, gory details on that goes, our libel department would never let us tell you.

Miami: TheTunes This year's winners are: 1. Don sackcloth. Adorn yourself in ashes and wail like banshees to the Gods Of Economic Crisis. The music business recession really is upon us.

The nue "" doomsayers were right. Anyone confirm Puff Daddy spotted in a Droitwich chippie? Norfolk StreV Witbech. KlitabSUi Terract. It's a blueprint for megamixing. I always play it before I go and make a tune - 1 find it very inspiring.

It's very simplistic, but a lot of these sounds are timeless. Me and Shut Up And Dance had a sound system. We made the speakers ourselves - we've still got them in Smiley's brother's off licence.

We were Heatwave. There were loads of places you could hire - or break into -in Hackney. When pirate radio got big around 1 it was the end of an era, because suddenly it was all about individual DJs.

Before then it was sound systems. Very early on I felt confident that we had it in us to succeed. If you' re not confident in yourself how can you expect anyone else to be? It kicked off the whole electro, body popping era. I was into body popping for about a week! I felt like a complete arse, I had two left feet.

Smiley was brilliant. I remember once we were in the Camden club] Electric Ballroom and Smiley was challenging everyone! I got into DJing instead. I was actually a good dancer then - 1 won a rude boy dancing contest. I read his Top 1 0 of the year and he had one of my tunes in it- I was so chuffed! On the cover of their album there's a picture of this guy sitting on a hospital bed with his eye looking like it was falling out. It was a picture of BushwickBill.

He had tried to commit suicide by getting his girlfriend to shoot him. This track is the story of how he came to lose his eye. It's got a xylophone in it, which I learned to play at school, but they took it away from me because I drew all over it. Anyway, this is a deep, heavy tune. I listen to it in the mornings, before I go into the studio. I don't listen to other jungle when I'm making tunes, because I'd be worried that I sounded like other people.

Not that I 'm condoning drug use or anything. My white mates all wentto the pub, my black mates all went to a reggae dance. I was in the middle. Both colours felt that the other wouldn't want them there. It was just ignorance. Ecstasy broke that down. But it's better. We weren't a rare groove sound system, but from five to seven in Phatt - Various - Filthy House For Dirty Stop-Outs 2 (CD) morning it was this, the Jacksons, Sylvia Striplin, the Doobie Brothers.

I used to be fanatical about cutting - 1 booed Grandmaster Flash in 1because he did such a shit set. A lot of vocalists today are just awful, but that whole Nina Simone, Shirley Bassey era was great.

Fabien Prophecy Tribesman A great, great bassline and my kind of reggae vocals. You can't beat a good bassline. Maybe I should do a hardstep version of this! I always used it to warm up at the blues dance to soundcheck the system. He was one of the first DJ heroes, doing amazing tricks rather than straight scratching like Grandmaster Flash. WHodini The Freaks Come Out At Night Jive, This reminds me of when we switched from being a reggae sound system to a hip hop and soul one and starting out on the whole two decks thing.

Just look at all the services it comes with!! Unlimited free e-mail addresses and loads of free web space to build your own website. All you pay for is the time you spend online. And that's charged at local call rates. Enter competitions, talk on chat lines, grab special offers or get the latest on any sport in the world. Plus search out all the info you can get your head around.

So call us now quoting ref. The fun starts here! Adhering to the old showbiz maxim, however, the show went on as they played the rest of their set acoustically, in the dark. Pissed off with the owner's rare exotic parrot, they cuffed it into the pool and promptly turned it into ally fodder. CARL COX Proving that he can still shake his considerable rump, Coxy was seen going sheer bloody mental on top of the bar at Tenaglia's party in Miami, even getting a round of applause when he stepped down at the end of the night.

Great title, great track. Even though the entire crowd had disappeared for the bar. What a trooper. They eventually turned up. Attempts to pass customs control using his bus pass failed and no one knows when he'll be back.

Runaways indeed. Turned out his driver was already banned, so the cops arrested him on the spot, leaving poor Fabio by the roadside to sort out his own transport. He was so stunned, he fell over his record box and twisted his knee, forcing him to cancel some gigs. Er, but isn't that what got her the job in the first place? Except that the journo in question had actually reviewed it pretty favourably.

Rather than use the volume controls instead, Tenaglia kept getting on the mic and demanding an engineer immediately come and repair it. Bloody drama queen. But does he know about her shady past making movies of a distinctly unclothed variety? At the moment, we're still on our honeymoon - my house and me. All contributions accepted. The juicier the better. Just jot down the story' and send it to us at Saints Et Sinners at the usual address.

Packed with the kind of crowd Gatecrasher would welcome with open arms dressy, mad for it and the type of soundtrack northern clubbers love banging house and trance from the likes of Jules, Blocko and PeasySlinky has scenes of dancefloor hedonism rarely seen south of Watford. Arm-waving, lightsticks, gurning, bigchoons, large podiums- it's the southern superclub with the big northern heart. But there's no doubt that progressive trance and banging house rules the roost here, just as it does on all the country's big floors.

This isn't one of your token breakbeat backrooms beloved of house clubs, this is real deal jungle pressure. And it means we get the welcome site of feather boa disco queens jacking next to Stussy-clad dreads in cool trainers to DJ Daisy's succession of funky hoover basslines. Meanwhile, we hang around the toilets all in the name of work you understand and watch as young girls draw flowers on each other's bodies - when they're not too busy snogging the blokes that is.

Maybe the sea air gets those pheromones going - Slinky is one amorous place. Resident DJ Garry White informs us that it's been like this since day one. And how right we were. With nights like Slinky and Bump 'n' Hustle, The Manor and Outer Limits leading from the front, Bournemouth now has ample claim to be the most happening club locale in the country. Watch this town -and club-go right off this summer. And it's only just beginning W HAT do you call a club with techno heads stood out in the rain?

Not very funny is it? Well, who ever said techno and tech-house were fun? A vast army of blokes may converge on the central London nightclub for their monthly dosing of tech-house, tech-funk and techno but they sure as hell aren't techno's moody masses. Starting with smooth French house, deep luscious chords and wiggling basslines, special guest Laurent Gamier progresses to more breaky tech-house and by 1 am it's scything techno cutting across the dancefloor. She's drenched from head to toe in sweat, and grinning like Gamier just put his 1 2 inches somewhere apart from the deck.

Behind her, Irvine Welsh and his mates celebrate his birthday by jacking to the beat, hollering like a man possessed. But we shouldn't be side-tracked by Gamier impressing us with his eight hour set. The bread and butter of this club is its residents Mr C and The Usual Suspects Layo and Matthew Bbecause while so many other clubs stick to what's safe and therefore stagnate, these three have been quietly selling the tech-house sound.

If you don't, you need to know, " barks the MC. Todd Terry stands up to the decks like a prize fighter at a weigh-in as Grooverider steps aside to make way for the "founder of the breakbeat" as the MC affectionately tags him. By the third track, though, Public Enemy is still booming through the state of the art system and the cream of junglists present, including Bailey, Grooverider, DJ Marky and Bryan Gee, are getting restless. Obviously no one's told Todd that Movement is fheclub for cutting edge jungle and he'd better give them some and fast.

Progressing to dub plates from his new album, Movement's demanding crew is slightly appeased by the phenomenal ragga jungle of 'Merderah' with Spragga Benz, but when he drops a house tune there s a general murmur of disapproval.

As Todd leaves the decks on the dot of his set limit an hour and DJ Marky from Brazil is announced, the Movement massive go mental.

Scratching as well as Hype, creating an atmosphere that S only a few DJs can, while smiling and dancing throughout, Marky is the new school. Let alone queue from half past nine and still be on the dancefloor 1 2 hours later. It's a flawless display of DJ science, only marred by an almighty and frankly hilarious strop from the man himself halfway though the night, when Tenaglia bellyaches over the mic about the sound system and a broken crossfade. Still, as Danny himself says to the crowd, "the drama seems to follow me around" and he seems to like it like that.

And by 2 the end of the night, as Coxy is seen dancing on the bar to New York club classics, we i have to agree it's the way we like it too. Frank Tope The bnckside of the loon Tonight. Every podium is teetering with a sartorially deranged bunch of arm-waving desperadoes - preacher Phatt - Various - Filthy House For Dirty Stop-Outs 2 (CD) with dog collars and codpieces, nurses with stilletos and strap-on dildos, bugged out space aliens from the planet Munted, old skool ravers gurning for Britain.

Every guy has spiky, multicoloured hair, the girls dress like porno queens and a geezer down the front has his hand rammed up Sooty's arse. If Dante ever needs somewhere to park his Inferno, he should consider checking into Sundissential for the night. Sir Peter Tong arrives at midnight and pulls out the best set we've heard him drop in years.

Mixing funky breaks with tough, chunky house, he delivers the Sundissential crowd a prime time slice of Tongness. But it's really just a teaser for the night's main attraction, Tall Paul, who, as you'd expect, absolutely slays 'em. Killer slab of wax followed by killer slab of wax - no wonder he's Muzik'sDJ of the Year. Entertained by such a shit hot DJ at the top of his game, few dancefloors can even approach the raw, primal intensity of Phatt - Various - Filthy House For Dirty Stop-Outs 2 (CD).

And by the end, even as the soundtrack is a raging blur of hard, pummelling trance, there are a still a thousand smiles beaming through the strobes. Original ravers Shaun and Bez talk acid house, money and The Hagienda. But this hasn't blunted the yUM enthusiasm which has greeted the return of the funky i troglodytes. Tickets for their shows in Manchester, WL tH Glasgow and London sold out in a day, and an m ' 1 appearance at V99 is now looking likely.

Isn't that right, Shaun? Chunkl" he replies, not exactly answering the question. As is customary, Shaun V H doesn't look too well. H 2 Here comes Bez, the greatest wobbly-limbed disco dancer, the man with the chunk. It's more of a bush, actually, a huge stash of grass which he unwraps on the table, giving half of it to Shaun.

Bez is off to meet his contacts at Diesel and Adidas, hoping for some clothes and sneakers, but don't worry, he'll be back. For later? Bez shakes his head and makes for the door. Joining the maraca-shaking boy wonder for the revival are fellow veterans Paul Ryder Shaun's brother; bass guitarGaz Whelan drums and backing singer Rowetta. Time, decides Shaun, to exclusively reveal the finer details of who's earning what. I get two grapefruit and a satsuma. Our kid gets a plum.

Gaz gets some peaches, a cauliflower and two apples, cos his beats are worth a lot. So yeah, we're all dead happy. Only when his huge, aquiline nose comes within inches of the journalist's does he feel his garbled message is getting through. Having explained that it's H fantastic to be back among the "music biz muppets", he expels a volcanic burp. He's been drinking quite a few large coffees this morning. They were spiked with quite a few large Remy Martin brandies.

Mmm, just hold that thought. In'Pills 'N' Thrills And Bellyaches', the Mondays' Paul Oakenfold-produced third album, made them the nation's ugliest superheroes, with Ryder's loved-up i hooligan lyrics hitting a genius peak. Alongside The Stone Roses, baggy clobber, warehouse raves, police raids and thousands of kids who refused to let the party die, they made UK acid house quite unlike the parochial US house scene.

The jack tracks and Ecstasy brought everyone together, but it was the complete Technicolour package which made the age so compelling. Inthe band held their final acrimonious meeting. Suffice to say, there was no way back when Shaun stomped out of the emergency congress to get some Kentucky Fried Chicken. This was his code for buying drugs. The drug, by this time, was heroin, and Shaun headed off to battle against his addiction, form Black Grape and make a slew of embarrassing chat show appearances.

As you've doubtless heard, there's little that's dewy-eyed or romantic about the reincarnation. You could tell the bassist and the drummer to play something, then you could tell them to fuck off. Er, have I told you about my movie script?

They sell their bodies. They luuurve fucking! At the same time, however, so does his passion for E. Hence the fact that he had a ball in Ibiza last summer. Inthe Mondays played at Ku, with coachloads of red-faced scallies arriving from San Antonio for the occasion.

Who was supposed to teach you to DJ, yes? Seemed like a normal, alright sarcastic person and I liked him a lot, Phatt - Various - Filthy House For Dirty Stop-Outs 2 (CD).

Very tall. Microwave oven! Big fridge! Taken init had them swinging like gibbons from the letter E of a hotel sign. This is the remix version. Shaun babbles on happily at the shoot. This is close enough to nostalgia to have him reeling out circuitous tales of the old days. There were 2, of us, all on biscuits. Dancing and talking to the biggest pricks and wankers. Even people whose music and shoes you hated. Like erm, 'It takes two to make a bag of shite'. God knows how many children I have to cheese plants and chicks with dicks because of the little white fellas.

Bit of booze, then munch-munch and a right laugh. Have a smooch with the women and all that. The band forge Glastonbury passes for hundreds of their mates and get busted in New York. But for Ryder, smack is starting to usurp the party drugs. The idea is that Ryder won't be able to score heroin there, but instead he scores crack.

Album is rubbish, immense recording costs send Factory into bankruptcy and, to make matters worse, band lets rip with a homophobic rant in NME. Thaftrip to Kentucky Fried Chicken. The end. Gulp, until now, that is I like playing football and riding me motorbike. Called Freaky Dancin', it came out last year - shortly after he was arrested though subsequently released for dealing at Glastonbury.

How can you beat getting fucked up in Barbados? CftA or something. Shaun likes this. All we did was skin up a few joints. Thing was, we had to grow our hair and look like students, so we could walk around with pockets full of E.

But because the journalists who came to see us were winkle- pickered, spacky-haired twats, we was called messy. Those motherfuckers were living in cuckoo-land. There's his long-winded Fast Show "Suits you, sir " impression.

There's a savage tirade against his ex-wife, Oriel Leitch, daughter of folk oldie Donovan. Margaret Norton. After the motorbike. Are you still there? Are you all moist and frustrated? Would you like a young Admiral-wearing scally to come round with his sex toys? Margaret Norton and Colin Donaldson, yeah? Me and Steve Osborn a produced most of those tracks so my advice to Shaun was to get people like Fatboy Slim to work on them.

But we'll see, I might do when it comes to it. I'll be digging out tunes from 1 0 years ago a nd I think that's what everybody wants. My brother and al I his mates, normal working blokes who haven't been out gigging or clubbing for ages, they're the sort of people who're really buzzed about it.

But it depends on the demos, because the reason we didn't do 'Yes Please' was be cause we didn't think they were good enough. I'd be very interested in hearing their ideas, though, and hopefully in getting involved.

Niclcy Holloway was one of the original acid house pioneers, one of London's leading DJs and promoters. Until drink and drugs took it all away. Nicky Holloway is sporting a natty Vivienne Westwood shirt, switching the lights on with a longblock of wood.

His new promotions company is called Places And Spaces, named in part after the Donald Byrd rare groove classic and partly because this is what Holloway does - parties in places. Holloway tells Muzik all. London is awash with cocaine. When l was in the hospital I deleted all my coke numbers; there were about 20 I could have rung up. It was easier to get coke than it was to get a bottle of JD at five in the morning.

I was so disappointed about the club. When I think about it I still feel sick, sick in the stomach, and 1 just went on a bender. I felt myself falling further and further behind everyone else, and finding myself getting hitter and resentful of other people. My hate list was growing. I was cither up with the fairies at miles an hour, coked off my nut, or down in the dumps, with that next day feeling.

Even though I'd been to eight countries that year DJing, it looked like 1 didn't have any DJing work. My life consisted of sitting around shitty Acton pubs getting pissed, then pottering round my flat writing lists and doing nothing about it.

Doing a gram of coke a day. Fucking ridiculous. I was drinking every day, blotting it out. I was throwing up every morning. What happened? Welcome to Sheffield - '70s disco style! Are you ready rock - again? Get the '80s Chez Vegas look. Pause slideshow Play slideshow. Josephines unisex fit T-shirt - various colours. Penny Farthing unisex fit T-shirt - various colours. Tiffany's unisex fit T-shirt - various colours.

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An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Dirty Stop Outs. likes. Live music promotion and indie music club nights. Download Paul Thomas songs, singles and albums on MP3. Over one million legal MP3 tracks available at Juno Download. Paul Thomas. Dirty Stop Outs, Sheffield. 3, likes · 77 talking about this. Celebrating UK nightlife Selling books/merchandise and more. Were you a Dirty Stop Out in the '60s, '70s, '80s. May 04,  · DIRTY STOP OUT music video for the song Apache Girl directed by Douglas Hart featuring Tree Carr and Amanda Grace. Review: Three tracks from the album "The Producer Series" - a brand new project launched from the leaders of Hard Dance - have been selected for 12" Trax is the number one brand for hard dance music. This is the first of a brand new series launched by Tidy to promote the hard dance scenes finest talents, and to promote new music within the scene. Dirty Stop Outs is an evening of six new pieces of writing inspired by the Bierkeller space. This evening of new writing is more than just a random selection of local writers, it is an event. Six writers were selected to write for a specific area of the Bierkeller’s inspiringly dark and deborched club. Each were given a different space up to. Dirty Stop Outs. likes. Dirty Stop Outs has been rotating your speakers since Dirty Stop Outs was a label initially set up to compete and add . Dirty Stop Outs sell retro books, merchandise and experiences that take you on a journey back to the very best times in your life - when music, fashion and dancefloors were the only thing that really mattered. They're ideal as presents or simply treating yourself. Why grow up when you can still be a Dirty Stop Out? It’s hard to come by duo’s that truly stand out in this industry, but since breaking onto the scene in this London based Progressive House producers ‘Dirty Stop Outs' have smashed others out of the park. Their boundless energy conveys effortlessly into crowds, creating frenzy like.


Take Me To Your Heart - Eurythmics - In The Garden (Vinyl, LP, Album), Nové Gatě - DJ Fatte - Což Takhle Dát Si Tesař (CDr, Album), Bruno Hoffmann - Music For Glass Harmonica (CD, Album), Corrente - Rachel Barton Pine - Solo Baroque (CD, Album), Dance The Night Away - Van Halen - Van Halen II (Vinyl, LP, Album), Main Entree - Crusaders For Real Hip-Hop - Déjà Vu - Its 82 (Cassette, Album), Incentive - Re-Trick - Colors Of Agenda (CD, Album), The Sea Inside, Black Knight - Iugulatus - Call Of The Horned God (CD, Album), Horse Tears

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    It’s hard to come by duo’s that truly stand out in this industry, but since breaking onto the scene in this London based Progressive House producers ‘Dirty Stop Outs' have smashed others out of the park. Their boundless energy conveys effortlessly into crowds, creating frenzy like.
  2. Buy Ed Real on vinyl & CD at Juno Records, the worlds largest dance music store. Ed Real. % Secure Shopping. BK/ED REAL/VARIOUS. Filthy House For Dirty Stop-Outs (mixed 2xCD) Riot (hard house) Cat: RIOTCD Rel: 19 May Hard House.
  3. Dirty Stop Outs sell retro books, merchandise and experiences that take you on a journey back to the very best times in your life - when music, fashion and dancefloors were the only thing that really mattered. They're ideal as presents or simply treating yourself. Why grow up when you can still be a Dirty Stop Out?
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    Review: Three tracks from the album "The Producer Series" - a brand new project launched from the leaders of Hard Dance - have been selected for 12" Trax is the number one brand for hard dance music. This is the first of a brand new series launched by Tidy to promote the hard dance scenes finest talents, and to promote new music within the scene.
  5. Download Paul Thomas songs, singles and albums on MP3. Over one million legal MP3 tracks available at Juno Download. Paul Thomas.
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    May 04,  · DIRTY STOP OUT music video for the song Apache Girl directed by Douglas Hart featuring Tree Carr and Amanda Grace.
  7. Dirty Stop Outs, Sheffield. 3, likes · 77 talking about this. Celebrating UK nightlife Selling books/merchandise and more. Were you a Dirty Stop Out in the '60s, '70s, '80s.
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    Dirty Stop Outs is an evening of six new pieces of writing inspired by the Bierkeller space. This evening of new writing is more than just a random selection of local writers, it is an event. Six writers were selected to write for a specific area of the Bierkeller’s inspiringly dark and deborched club. Each were given a different space up to.

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