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And right before his horse's head The giant form again was spread. The horseman paused, and seemed to say, Here stand! E'en at this instant, from the ground Forth issuing, came a hollow sound.

And to the farmer's startled sight He seemed to swell in form and height Loose from his form his vesture flowed. His piercing eye with fury glowed. And when he muttering breathed a spell, Earth trembling yawned, and seeming hell.

With all the very worst of fates. Stood opening by two Iron Gates! He waved his hand, and as he spake. Earth to its centre 'gan to quake. Now plunged the steed, and on the ground Soon was th' affrighted rider found, Who, kneeling at th' enchanter's feet. Art thou not pledged to treat me well? Be bold, and enter ; feast thy eye With more than mortal scrutiny. Bright from the roof on every side Hang pendent crystals, icy, bright, Reflecting back phosphoric light ; Unsteady vapours seemed to play A sort of intermitting day.

Entered yet deeper, to the walls Were fixed innumerable stalls. Where milk-white coursers, side by side, Just like his own were carefiil tied. Bright was each steed from heel to hoof.

Bright was each blade of temper proof, And Mars himself, with pridefiil eye. Had viewed such host of cavalry. Further they passed ; in clefts of rock Was stored bright gold, a plenteous stock, But deeper hid within the gloom There stood in this sepulchral room A mighty chest of ponderous size.

Bolted with bands of many dies. And brighter burned his magic flame ; And as he turned the massive lock. The echo rang from rock to rock. Then from the chest with care he told To the bold Cestrian counted gold. And why prepared for war's alarms? Say, are they doomed to mortal toil, Or destined to unearthly broil V On this the wizard changed his face, Assumed a mild and brighter grace, And to his tone was something given As from a messenger from heaven.

And fiends intestine shall combine To seal the ruin of our line. Thrice lost shall England be, thrice won, Twixt dawn of day and setting sun ; Then we, the wondrous Caverned Band! These mailed martyrs for the land. Shall rush resistless on the foe.

Their dabbled wings shall ravens toss, Croaking o'er bloodstained Headless Cross. But peace! He heard the bolts descend and clash, And the hills echoed to the crash. Wondering he stands, but fears to stay, Homeward in haste pursues his way. Soon was the strange adventure told To what high fate his Til I Found You (Love Has Found Me Techno Mix - Sans Rap) - Lorraine Scott - Til I Found You (Vinyl) was sold ; The neighbours hasten to the spot.

Vainly they search, they find it not No trace remained ; nor since that night Hath mortal eye beheld the sight, And till the hour decreed by fate None shall e'er see the Iron Gate. A Broadside. And oh, Polly Higginbotham! I sing the loves, the smiling loves. A little trip he did propose. He thought his notes had caught her ; But she, alas! She went to the bottom. I sing the death, the doleful death. Yet still he strained his little throat, To love he did invite her, And never missed until his boat.

He thought, went rather lighter ; But when he saw that she was gone. The summimi of his wishes, He boldly paid the waterman; And jumped among the fishes. Oh, Polly Higginhotham I He comes to the bottom. I sing the death, the double death. Of Clutterbuck and Higginhotham. Round Chester stalk, the river ghosts Of this young man and fair maid ; His head looks like a salmon-trout. Her tail is like a mermaid.

Oh, Foliy Higginbotham! Who lies at the bottom. A Song of Salt. In vain to thrutch the daily cheese Would Cheshire damsel toil. I 2 ii6 Cheshire Wyches. In infancy we all were taught A trick that never fails, How easily old birds are caught With salt upon their tails. A salmon hooked from fin to fin, Full fifteen inches wide, A pretty pickle he'd be in, Were Cheshire salt denied!

When fattened hogs, of life bereft, The appetite awaken. What recipe have housewives lefl, Save salt, to save their bacon?

Oude, skilled in soups and fricandeaux. Soupe maigre were more maigre still. Cold salads, grass w6uld be ; — Eat devils without salt who will. The devil a bit for me! Cheshire Wyches. No omen sad to cause alarm, The mustard-pot overthrown ; Nor threatens any future harm When pepper falls alone. But salt, if spilt, each guest shall rue ; The scattered grains foretell Bad luck to him who overthrew, And worse to whom it fell XL Fair Ve?

To her, the queen of smiles and mirth. Old Ocean's loveliest daughter, Nor fount nor river stream gave birth, No — salt was in the water. As in the sea so on the strand Its properties combine. And Cheshire is the favoured land Of Beauty and of Brine. This nation may our queen exalt, And blessings still accrue, And never may one tear of salt The royal eye bedew.

When knaves and traitors she would clear From foul corruption's blot, We '11 bathe them, if she sends them here, In brine-pan boiling hot. If France has not had war enough, We 're ready still to meet her ; And give our foe a pinch of snuff In the shape of black saltpetre. Salt Hill invites the world to share The Montem's festive scene ; For ages salt and silver there Synonymous have been. Since all who deal in salt have skill As Midas had of old, May salt to-day our coffers fill, And ev'ry grain be gold.

A legend of Hilbree Island. Fond youth and maidens fair meet there, ' To while a summer's hour ; And laughter gay, and merry cheer, Oft ring through rocky bower. I20 The Lady's Shelf. Little they reck that in this grot A monk his beads once told! List, ladies! A Benedictine monk with toil Here hollowed out a cave ; And here alone would come to foil Satan or watch the wave. One e'en he sought his loved retreat, When on that shelf he saw A beauteous maid pale as a sheet Bespiupled o'er with gore.

Rich was the vesture she had on. Though stained and dank with wet ; A carcanet of jewels shone Amidst her tresses jet. Sudden he flew to seek some aid, Should life's chain be unbroke ; When a weak voice his footsteps stayed, And thus the maiden spoke : XI. I am sore distraught. Brother and sister was, my sire With me loved him to toy.

The Lady's Shelf. And felt a kindred fire. The thunder's roll we hear, When not a sigh floats through the air The hurricane is near. And prayed me for his bride. We '11 spend some hours anon. Although my heart was broke. Strip off each bridal gem ; Wed my cold body to the tomb, And sing my requiem. Pink flowers still deck that rocky bower In beauty, as of old ; But never monk there, from that hour. His beads hath ever told.

Hilbree Island belongs to the parish of St Oswald of Chester, though distant twenty miles. It is a remnant of the popish superstition of praying at that particular season for departed souls. Sweet melody of music all on this evening clear, For we are come a souling for apples and strong beer. Step down into your cellar, and see what you can find ; If your barrels are not empty, I hope you will prove kind ; I hope you will prove kind with your apples and strong beer.

We 41 come no more a souling until another year. The Souler's Song. I hope you '11 on us think, with your apples and strong beer, And we '11 come no more a souling until another year.

God bless the master of this house, and the mistress also ; And all the little children that round the table go ; Likewise your men and maidens, your cattle, and your store. And all that lies within your gates, we wish you ten times more. K Quaesitum Meritis. Meeting, all toasts considered worthy of the honour are drunk in a Qua:situm, a name given to particular glasses from the inscription they bear — ' Qua:situm Meritis.

CLUB of good fellows, we meet once a year, When the leaves of the forest are yellow and sear ; By the motto that shines in each glass it is shown We pledge in our cups the deserving alone. Our glass a Quaesitum, ourselves Cheshire men. May we fill it and drink it again and again. We hold in abhorrence all Vulpicide knaves, With their guns and their traps, and their velveteen slaves ; They may feed their fat pheasants, their foxes destroy, And mar the prime sport they themselves can't enjoy ; But such sportsmen as these we good fellows condemn.

That man of his wine is unworthy indeed Who grudges to mount a poor fellow in need ; Who keeps for nought else but to purge them with balls, Like a dog in a manger, his nags in their stalls ; Such niggards as these we good fellows condemn. And I vow we '11 ne'er drink a Quaesitum to them. QuaBsitum Mentis. Some riders there are who, too jealous of place, Will fling back a gate in their next neighbour's face ; Some never puU up when a friend gets a fall ; Some ride over friends, hounds, horses, and all ; Such riders as these we good fellows condemn.

And I vow we '11 ne'er drink a Qusesitum to them. For coffee-house gossip some hunters come out, Of all matters prating save that they're about : From scandal and cards they to politics roam. They ride forty miles, head the fox, and go home! Such sportsmen as these we good fellows condemn, And I vow we '11 ne'er drink a Qusesitum to them. Since one fox on foot more diversion will bring Than twice twenty thousand cock pheasants on wing.

That man we all honour, whatever his rank. Whose heart heaves a sigh when his gorse is drawn blank. O give me that man to whom nought comes amiss. One horse or another, that country or this. Oh give me that man who himself goes the pace, And whose table is free to all friends of the chase : Should a spirit so choice in this wide world be seen.

He rides, you may swear, in a collar of green. I heard an old Cheshire sportsman- assert vehemently that he would sooner have written the above song than the ' Annals' of Tacitus.

The Two Rectors. A tale of Malpas. He called for the landlord, and ordered of ale A large hunmiing tankard, at once, without fail; Then went to the taproom, where, sipping their beer.

Sat Rector and Curate, enjoying good cheer. The Rector was fat — I would lay you a bet. Thick as thieves they became, and past a pleasant night ; Talked over the times — not the Times of this day.

For then e'en the Times was not published, they say. The King in one hour Had then more etcaeteras brought to his ears Than he'd heard at court in twice as many years. All things have an end— they had talked, drunk, and fed. And thought now 't was time all to toddle to bed ; They call for the bill, a serious total — Hot suppers, Welsh rabbits, six brandies, and ale. He must not think others must pay for his cheer. Joint Rector it made the thin Curate.

Besides, Half glebe, half offerings, and half of the tithes. What the new Rector gained the old Rector lost. Which the latter soon found out too true to his cost The cause of the sad change he could not divine, Till, startling, he thought 'A stitch in time saves nine!

He shivered and shrank, when it burst on his mind, It must be the King! From that day to this the case always has been Two Rectors at Malpas together are seen.

Line ai. In a Cheshire May song occurs the following incitement to generosity : Give every one two and above. The more you do give the more you will have, And God will you certainly love. In an address of part of the Chester grand jury to Sir J. Jekyl, about versifiedwe find the following line : Reeght natural spriggs of the Rump Parliament. There are two rectors at Lymn as well as at Malpas ; but in the former town there is no traditionary royal visit or any reason, indeed, to account for it.

A pleasant story concerning the name of Malpas we find in Giraldus Cambrensis. S evening slowly spreads her mantle hoar, No ruder sounds the bounded valley fill Than the faint din from yonder sedgy shore Of rushing waters and the murmuring mill. How sunk the scene where cloistered leisure mused! The golden fans that o'er the turret strown.

Quick glancing to the sun, wild music made, Are reft, and ev'ry battlement overgrown With knotted thorns and the tall sapling's shade. The prickly thistle sheds its plumy crest. And matted nettles shade the crumbling mass.

Where shone the pavement's surface smooth imprest, With rich reflection of the storied glass. Here hardy chieftains slept in proud repose, Sublimely shrined in glorious imagery; And through the lessening aisles in radiant rows Their consecrated banners hung on high. There oxen browse, and there the sable yew Through the dim void displays its baleful glooms, And sheds in lingering drops unwholesome dew O'er the forgotten graves and scattered tombs. By the slow clock in stately measured chime, That from the massy tower tremendous tolled, No more the ploughman counts the tedious time, Nor distant shepherd pens his twilight fold.

High o'er the trackless heath, at midnight seen, No more the windows ranged in long array, Where the tall shaft, and fretted nook between Thick ivy twines the tapered rights betray.

E'en now, amidst the wavering ivy wreaths While kindred thoughts the pensive sounds inspireWhen the weak breeze in many a whisper breathes, I seem to listen to the chanting quire. For though the sorceress Superstition blindAmid the pomp of dreadful sacrifice, O'er the dim roofs, to cheat the tranced mind. Oft made her visionary gleams arise ; XII. Though the vain, hours unsocial sloth beguiled, Whilst the still cloister's gate oblivion locked ; And through the chambers pale, to slumbers mild Til I Found You (Love Has Found Me Techno Mix - Sans Rap) - Lorraine Scott - Til I Found You (Vinyl) Indolence her drowsy cradle rocked ; XIII.

Yet hence, enthroned in venerable state, Proud Hospitality dispensed her store. Ah see beneath yon towers' unvaulted gate, Forlorn she sits upon the brambled floor! Her ponderous vase, with Gothic portraiture Embossed, no more with balmy moisture flows ; Mid the mix'd shards, o'erwhelmed in dust obscure.

No more, as erst, the golden goblet glows. I40 Ode on Vale Royal. Sore beat by storms in Glory's arduous way, Here might Ambition muse a pilgrim sage ; Here raptured see Religion's evening ray Gild the calm walks of his reposing age. Here ancient Art her Dedal fancies played In the quaint mazes of the crisped roof ; In mellow glooms Til I Found You (Love Has Found Me Techno Mix - Sans Rap) - Lorraine Scott - Til I Found You (Vinyl) speaking pane arrayed, And ranged the clustered column, massy proof XVII.

Here Learning, guarded from a barbarous age. Hovered awhile, nor dared attempt the day ; But patient, traced upon the pictured page The holy legend or heroic lay. Thus sings the Muse, all pensive and alone, Nor scorns within the deep fane's inmost cell To pluck the gray moss from the mantled stone. Some holy founder's mouldering name to spell. Thus sings the Muse, yet, partial as she sings. With fond regret surveys these ruined piles ; And with fair images of ancient things The captive bard's obsequious mind beguiles.

But much we pardon to th' ingenuous Muse Her fairy shapes are tricked by fancy's pen ; Severer reason forms far other views. And scans the scene with philosophic ken. From these deserted domes new glories rise, More useful institutes adorning man ; Manners enlarged, and new civilities. On fresh foundations build the social plan. Science, on ampler plume, a bolder flight Essays— escaped from Superstition's shrine ; While freed Religion, like primaeval light Bursting from Chaos, spreads her warmth divine.

This was written at Vale Royal. Thomas Warton, the historian of English poetry, as he was called, was bomdied X Legend of the Foundation of Vale Royal Abbey. A truce is won at deadly cost By deeds of derring do, A way midst Holy Land is forced For pilgrims to pass through. Or the dark storm throb braves. Edward I Hail! Fair England waits her King. Again starts forth the gallant bark, Pressed on like fiery steed ; In noonday bright, through midnight dark, Ne'er slacked its headlong speed.

A wild storm rose — against the side Wild winds and billows beat, Sad are the perils ships betide When sky and waters meet X. Save where forked lightnings threatenings write In characters of fire. Then paled the face of many a knight, And eke of warrior brave, Who oft had dared grim death in fight, But shrank from watery grave. In honour's cause, we thousands know Who 'd desperate danger face ; Scale beetling rock — charge 'whelming foe To win bright valour's race.

Patent to all t;heir deeds appear, Known, how and when, they fell ; If stretched upon a bloody bier. Minstrels their fame will tell. Vale Royal Abbey. But thus to die! Not gathered to that spot in death Where their forefathers lie I Their shroud, the tangled sea-weed wreath ; The waves, their lullaby! Fiercer and louder howls the gale ; Higher, wild waters rise! Helpless the ship, split every sail, The sport of ocean lies. King Edwardy prostrate on his face, To Mary, heavenly maid.

Suppliant at Heaven's throne for grace, Thus life and mercy prayed. Virgin Mother! Mary blest! Thou alone canst give us rest! Curb the wild winds, smooth the wave. None but thou our lives can save. Home we left, to rescue land Profaned by false prophet's band. Make the Red Cross knight thy care ; Should we England see again I will raise to thee a fane Where, till time shall be no more.

Thus shall to the world proclaim Virgin Mary's blessed name Who his help in danger came. FART 11, I. The mountain volume of a wave Which, had it struck the bark Had whelmed all in a common grave, Like Deluge — around the ark II. Sank spellbound — such the force of prayer In peril's deadly hour : Vain 't is for th' elements to dare The Virgin mother's power. The fury of the hurricane Stopped short in midway flight ; The wintry chill of driving rain Gave way to warm sunlight IV.

The warriors throng the well-known shore. And disembark in haste ; Still, still, they seem to hear the roar Of the stirred ocean's waste. So from the fight the wounded steed With desperate courage flies ; His rider saves in utmost need, Then, without struggle, dies. The vow the king in danger made Was not in safety lost ; The Virgin's care was soon repaid To Heaven, at princely cost X.

With following rare, in royal state. Heaven long had marked that spot her own, For on the Virgin's day. Strange sights were seen, they say. As, when a St. So, in the stillest hours of night, Shepherds, awe-struck, would mark Vale Royal woods, with splendour bright, Whilst all around was dark. And angel forms, in robes of fire. Along the breeze soft notes would steal. As if from fairy land ; ' And bells rang out a midnight peal Touched by no mortal hand!

First Part Stanza z. Edward heard of the death of his son and father at Sicily on his way home. Old tradition. The Devil and the Monk. A Legend of Merton Sands. E barons and maidens of lofty degree, Come list to a tale that was whispered to me ; How once in Vale Royal a Friar uncivil In knavish contrivance outwitted the Devil. The monks were asleep, and the moon it shone clear. And all the fat bucks in broad Cheshire are thine If here on this parchment thy name thou wilt sign.

The scroll was unrolled, and in letters of fire Shone forth the last will of fat Francis the Friar; And thus it was worded, as I have been told By a major acquainted with black letters old. Agreed, said the Monk ; and Agreed, said the Devil ; And each put his hand to that document evil Friar Francis his thumb on the wafer did stick, Signed, sealed, and delivered as witness. And whilst in fair Cheshire stout yeomen are found, On those Merton Sands they shall fallow the ground, Where never a blade of green grass must remain Lest the Devil come back to Vale Royal again.

The Northern men in feuds so deadly fell, That for their spear and horsemanship excel. Fearful has here a curious meaning, viz. Drayton uses dread in the same sense. Motto of Cheshire. And again in Song XI.

He wrote a poem on the battle-of Agin- court, and describes the men of the difTerent county regiments embarking : — ' Each in their order as they mustered were Or by the difference of their armings known Or by their colours.

The eleventh song treats chiefly of Cheshire, and has been freqtiently quoted ; what refers to the County Palatine in that song is as follows : The muse, her native earth to see.

And of the nymphlets sporting there, In Wyrral and in Delamere, Weever the great devotion sings, Of the religious Saxon kings. Those riverets doth together call. And thereto hath her high legalities enrolled.

Besides, in many fields since conquering William came. Her people she hath proved, to her eternal fame : Polyolbion. They of all England most to ancient customs cleave. Their yeomanry, and still endeavour to uphold ; For rightly whilst herself brave England was of old. And our courageous kings us forth to conquest led. Our armies in those times near through the world so dread Of our tall yeomen were, and footmen for the most. Who with their bills and bows can confidently boast.

Thy Mersey on the north from the Lancastrian side. Thy natural sister shire, and linkt unto thee so That Lancashire along with Cheshire still doth go. As towards the Derbian Peak and Moreland which do draw More mountainous and wildthe high-crowned Shuilingslaw And Molcop be thy mounds, with those proud hills whence rove The lovely sister brooks, the silvery Dane and Dove — Polyolbion.

The country in his course that clean he doth divide. Cut in two equal shares upon his either side. Besides their general use, not had by him in vain. But in himself thereby doth holiness retain Above his fellow floods, whose healthful virtues taught Hath of the sea gods oft caused Weever to be sought For physick in their need; and Thetis oft hath seen.

When by their wanton sports her Nerides have been, So sick that Glaucus' self hath failed in their cure. Yet Weever by his salts recovery durst assure. And Amphitrite oft this wizard river led Into her secret walks the depths profound and dread Polyolbion. But to conclude our praise — our Weever here doth will The muse his source to sing, as how his course he steers, Who from his natural spring, as from the neighbouring meres, Sufficiently supplied shoots forth his silver breast.

As though he meant to take directly towards the east. Until at length he proves he loitereth but to play Till Ashbrook and the Lee overtake him on his way. Accounted one of those that England's wonders make ; Of neighbours Blackmere named, of strangers BreretorHs Lake, Whose property seems far from reasons why to stand : For near before his death that 's owner of the land She sends up stocks of trees that on the top do float.

By which the world her first did for a wonder note. His handmaid Howty next to Weever holds her race. To Cheshire highly bound for that his wat'ry store, As to the grosser locks on the Lancastrian shore.

From hence he getteth Goyt down from his Peakish spring, And Bollin that along doth nimbler Birken bring From MaxfieliTs mighty wilds, of whose shaggy Silvans she Hath in the rocks been wooed, her paramour to be ; Who in the darksome holes and caverns kept her long. And that proud forest made a party to her wrong : Yet could not all entreat the pretty brook to stay Which to her stream sweet Bollin creeps away ; To whom upon her road she pleasantly reports The many mirthful jests and wanton woodish sports In Maxfield they have had, as of that foresfs fate.

Until they come at length where Mersey for more state. Out of the foaming surge till Hilbre lifts his head To let the foreland see how richly he had sped. What follows does not refer to Cheshire. HE sun shone clear on the broad bright mere, And the menials thronged its shore : They sought to guide from the deep flood tide The bells of the monks of yore.

When lo, from the mere, these words of fear Struck awe to the listeners round ; It seemed from the wave some spirit gave That supernatural sound.

And deep mid the wave shall be his grave, An undiscovered tomb ; And this smiling shore shall smile no more Till the fated blast of doom. With awe and fear the menials steer A vast bell to the side, Till it rests on land, and with eager hand One grasped its rim and cried — VI. Scarce had. They dragged the mere both far and near. But their comrade never found; And their sons still tell of the holy bell That the impious scomer drowned.

The bells of Combermere Abbey are said to have been removed to Wrenbury Church, and to be identical with those still there. M 2 Earning the Applet on Thorn. Peter's day. The adjoining public-house is the Thorn. Warburton the lord of the manor some yean since replaced the old dead thorn. Years, years ago thy shade hath seen Our grandames dancing on the green, Hath seen our sires as wee things play And while the summer hours away.

Branches of thy fragrant May, By love-sick swain, at break of day Have oft been hung at maiden's door, With Nature's gems bespangled o'er. Here vows of love have oft been made By fond youth whispering in thy shade j Oft hath the evening breeze I wiss Mixed with the murmur of a kiss. Thy ruby stores to childhood's eye So beautifulwhen winter 's nigh. Tempt startled field-fares to thy tree, By hunger tamed, to feast on thee.

Slowly beneath thy boughs hath past. When earth to earth retums at last As generations melt away. The weeping funeral array. But to-day away with sorrow. Nought shall grieve us till to-morrow : With dance and feast and village lay We'll celebrate ourbaming day. Clip the hawthorn, scatter flowers, Rob for this the brightest bowers ; Urge on the dance and wassail— say We will, we will be mad to-day.

OW happy are archers who draw the long bow, No pastime affords such diversion below, The hours of our sport seem to pass on by stealth In manly exertion conducive to health ; Like Sherwood free rangers our skill we display. With harmony closing the sport of the day.

Like them, ere the dew fall, our bows we unstring, And songs to the honour of archery sing. The "Teucerean Archers. No sports of the field can with archery vie. Let hunters dash after the hounds at full cry, Our archery well every muscle can brace, And we run no risks like the sons of the chase; While at this diversion our skill we display.

What toils on the heath, all bespattered and wet, A sportsman must take if some grouse he would get : In cold, hail, and rain he the weather must stand. While we have refreshment and shelter at hand ; Where if the sky lowers we partake of good cheer. And again bend our bows when the weather is clear. With dog and with gun who would now range the fields ; Laborious the toil, and small purchase it yields : But archers, whene'er to the ground they resort, Defy any poachers for spoiling their sport ; While at their diversion their skill they display.

When, aged, no more their long bows can they bend, With health, independence, a bottle and friend ; Respected by archers, free, social, and gay. May they talk of the matches they shot in their day. This song must have been written towards the end of the eighteenth century.

Sure money then was scarce, or lords were good ; 'T is plenty now, or rents too high are raised. E tent is pitched, the target reared, the ground is measured out, For the weak arm sixty paces, and one hundred for the stout; Come gather ye together then, the youthful and the fair.

And poet's lay to distant day the victor shall declare. Let busy fingers lay aside the needle and the thread. To prick the golden canvas with a pointed arrow head ; Ye sportsmen quit the stubble, ye fishermen the stream. Fame and glory stand before you, brilliant eyes around you beam.

All honour to the long bow, which many a battle won Ere powder blazed or bullet flew from arquebus or gun ; All honour to the long bow, which merry men of yore With hound and horn at early morn in greenwood forest bore.

A Bowmeeting Song. Oh famous is the archer's sport, 't was honoured long ago ; The God of Love, the God of Wit, bore both of them a bow ; Love laughs to-day in beauty's eye and blushes in her cheek, And wit is heard in every word that merry archers speak.

The archer's heart, though like his bow a tough and sturdy thing. Is pliant still and yielding when affection pulls the string ; All his words and all his actions are like arrows pointed well To hit that golden centre where true love and friendship dwell. The arrows in his quiver are the glances from her eye, A feather from Love's wing it is that makes the arrow fly. Date These customes elsewhere now are used lest bells and ringers be abused. The sextone looketh for his due. Anagram on Randle Holmes.

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Dan Kellor. InlroducUon 4? India and Pakistan. Mrs Bradley said. If you aren't atiU growing. It seems like. Ahta took his arm. Lupe saw them and hashed a quick look at' the big man. They dismissed It and went on talking.

Mrs Bradley took on over Luther as If he had been a long lost son And when big Ed came home a few minutes later, he and Luther had a One ten minutes of homeland talk about everything on the ranged Luther felt genuinely happy In their company, and made many a little Joke about the richness of their new town house. He pretended to be very Ui at ease, but wasn't really. He amazed the girl who served them at table by eating so much supper, then amazed even more by turning affably to tell her what a good meal it was.

The Bradleys all looked on in friendly amusement. Not anootl- ness; Just tolerance for an old friend whom they Wouldn't have changed for the world. Brndley asked as they arose from the table.

Luther was enjoying himself. He never had seen Allta so pretty, and told them ao, Til I Found You (Love Has Found Me Techno Mix - Sans Rap) - Lorraine Scott - Til I Found You (Vinyl).

It's the gang You'll love It! Luther looked at her from his luxurious chair, a mod- ernistic thing of chromium and red leather. Luther, and we'll go. I won't take a sec. And could see the slight bow that was becoming permanent In his saddle legs. She wnlked In a faint tlp-tlp-tlp sound and he stalked beside her In a longer clop-clop, his hard leather boot heels striking the cement em- phatically. At the car. They were dressed in tuxedos, looking very neat and formal. They stared at Luther In some surprise, but they and the girls also were cordial.

With six people In the car Allta and Luther got in intimacy was unavoidable and bred good comradeship. Luther was hap- piest of all, grinning and teasing and talking Obviously he waa al- ready having h good time. The hat-check girl took his great! Music off to the right lured them! Tills ain-thfa Isn't 1 anything like chasing cows on a sweaty horse, Allta. Is it?

Jul 11,  · The song is " Genius of love" by Tom Tom Club. There's also a Mariah Carey version called "Fantasy" But anyway I posted a link where you . I Can't Make You Lyrics: I can't make you love me if you don't / You can't make your heart feel something it won't / Here in the dark, in these final hours / I would lay down my heart and I'll. This banner text can have markup.. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation. Rapping is hard. Not only are you charged with finding words that rhyme with each other and syncing your cadence with the beat, but if you say something dumb, it . Amber Run- I Found Lyrics. No Copyright Intended. Link to official video- pegaternatheza.pingbeetvantgistvisanrerolabdiopase.co?v=Yj6V_a1-EUA. 'Til I felt your tender lips Kissing my fears away I'm so glad you're here today Chorus: I never had somebody I could lean on I never had a shoulder I could cry on 'Til I found you babe, 'til I found you And I never had somebody I would think about I never had someone I couldn't do without 'Til I found you babe, 'til I found you. Provided to YouTube by Rhino/Elektra Didn't Know About Love (Til I Found You) · Lenny White Attitude ℗ Elektra Entertainment Writer: Melvin Palmer Auto-. Oh, I'll use you as a warning sign That if you talk enough sense, then you'll lose your mind Oh, and I found love where it wasn't supposed to be Right in front of me Talk some sense to me When I found love where it wasn't supposed to be Right in front of me Talk some sense to me Oh, and I found love where it wasn't supposed to be, oh Right in. Love and Inspiration. Just the language of love Yeah (the language of love) Just the language of love This world keeps growing in size Don't need no satellite to realize That we're all In the same old boat If you wanna go, go and make a change Everybody's gotta make a foreign exchange Yeah You gotta relate Now I'm learning the brand-new language The language of love.


Waltzing Matilda - Dick Cary And The Dixieland Doodlers - Dick Cary And The Dixieland Doodlers (Viny, Stardust - Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra - Great Golden Hits (Vinyl, LP, Album), Rag - George Winston - Ballads And Blues 1972 (Cassette, Album), Hideaway - David Sanborn - Hideaway (CD, Album), Strange Band - Family (6) - Anyway (Vinyl, LP, Album), 10s - Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill (CD, Album), Funny Version, Breathe - Eternal Void (Dayton Ohio) - Catharsis (CDr, Album), Y A Des Matins - Denise Guénette - Chu Née Ici... Pis Jreste Ici! (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  1. Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Til I Found You · Jam & Lewis · Sounds Of Blackness · Ann Nesby · Big Jim Wright · Lauren Evans Til I Found You.
  2. Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Til I Found You · Jam & Lewis · Sounds Of Blackness · Ann Nesby · Big Jim Wright · Lauren Evans Til I Found Yo.
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    Provided to YouTube by Ingrooves Til I Found You · Ty Juan Til I Found You - EP ℗ TopNotch Music Composer: Al Frazier Writer: T. Peavy Auto-generated by.
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    Lyrics of the song TIll I Found You by the Filipino band Freestyle. I like the song, hope you do too:D.
  5. Provided to YouTube by Rhino/Elektra Didn't Know About Love (Til I Found You) · Lenny White Attitude ℗ Elektra Entertainment Writer: Melvin Palmer Auto-.
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  7. 'Til I felt you tender love, Fillin' me up inside I love you with all my might. I never had somebody I could lean on, I never had a shoulder I could cry on 'Til I found you, babe, 'Til I found you And I never had somebody I would think about, I never had someone I couldn't do without 'Til I found you, babe, 'Til I found you.
  8. Blasterjaxx ft. Courtney Jenaé - You Found Me (Extended Mix) is OUT NOW! Grab your copy on Beatport HERE: pegaternatheza.pingbeetvantgistvisanrerolabdiopase.co Stay up to date on more Spi.

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