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She started singing ininspired by the success of child singer Razz. She entered the Danish MGP festival. She was accepted and later won the competition to represent Denmark at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Although it had very good reviews, it did not win the contest. The song finished fifth out of sixteen participants, scoring 93 points. InGadegaard toured Italy. Inplans for a sixth studio album were cancelled. Rate 5. Monika Pedersen born 21 December is a Danish singer of the band Sinphonia and former vocalist of the Norwegian gothic metal band Sirenia, replacing Henriette Bordvik. Rate 7. Heidi Mortenson is a Danish electronic composer, singer and producer. Heidi is performing live as a onepieceband building up songs by sampling her voice through efx pedals and singing.

Heidi grew up listening to the metallic sounds of her dad repairing cars and her mother playing the organ. Heidi moved to Barcelona and started to experiment with sound and acoustics. That same year Heidi moved to Berlin where she started working on her debut album. Mortenson's style is not easy to categorize as her songs are unbound to any specific genre.

The cassette tape release Circular Tape is made from using a microphone and 7 effect pedals. The sound source being Heidi's voice. The songs are recorded using instant composing style; meaning onto one track without arrangement or preparation. They also participated in the Danish pre-selection for Eurovision Song Contest together, in the end landing a 6th place in the national final. She has stated on her official MySpace that she is currently recording her fourth album.

The song however failed to make it to the final, losing out in the first semi final. It was not the first time Susanne has made an appearance in Eurovision, at the Eurovision Song Contest she presented the Danish televoting results at the Final in Helsinki.

Julie Lund born November 2, is a Danish actress, radio host, and television-presenter. Shaya was a member of the girl band Hi-5, the result of the Greek version of the talent show Popstars.

She is currently pursuing a solo career and finished 5th in Greece's version of Dancing on Ice. Shaya was born in Denmark to a Danish father and a multiracial Guyanese mother of Greenlandic and Indian descent. The family moved to Sweden after her parents' divorce when she was 6. At the age of 12, Shaya and her family immigrated once more, settling in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Her mother was a disc jockey before Shaya's birth. Although Shaya enjoyed singing and dancing from a young age, she became interested in becoming a singer by luck when she was persuaded to get on stage to sing a song with co-workers after work at a club she worked at in Kavala around age InShaya released her first solo single titled "Release Me" and promoted it around Europe.

During —, she performed in many clubs in Thessaloniki. Following the encouragement of a friend, in Shaya entered the Greek version of the talent show Popstars and won a spot in the girl band Hi Shaya, along with the. She lives in Brooklyn, New York City. She is the great-great-grandchild of missionary and ethnographer Otto Fabricius, who published Fauna Groenlandica inthe first zoological observations of Greenland.

However, an injury caused by a slipped disc and spinal fracture put an end to her dancing career, which eventually led her to start making music. Oh Land has a small dog named Ujan that travels with her sometimes. She has been living in the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Williamsburg since January The album was released on 14 March and peaked at number five on the Danish Albums Chart. It also served as her debut in the.

Rate 9. Patricia Day is the bassist and lead singer for the Danish rockabilly band HorrorPops. Day, originally from Copenhagen originally performed with punk rock band Peanut Pump Gun. Day would later marry Nekroman. The two formed a band in called Horrorpops. Day is the lead singer and also plays upright bass. On tour, Day plays custom-created upright basses made for her by Nekroman. These basses weigh approximately half of what a normal bass does, have thinner bodies, and slimmer necks because her hands are much smaller than the average upright bass player.

Her trademark is her heavily decorated white double bass, hand painted by tattoo artist Baby Lou Tattoo. Maria born Maria Jensen on May 13, is a Danish singer and songwriter. Although she was born in Denmark, she grew up in different parts of Europe.

Despite her parents' initial hesitation and the fact that she did not come from a musical family, Maria decided to pursue a career as a singer. She then released her debut album, My Soul, on September 30, However Dreamworks failed to follow up with promotion for a second single as they have done with other acts such as Lifehouse and Floetry and she was dropped when Dreamworks Records was sold, shortly before the label folded.

She wrote five songs for Saseline's debut album Restart. She is also known for her high profile relationship with footballer Anders Svensson. Bing was born in Denmark on 30 November At age 7, Bing started to take violin lessons, but eventually turned to singing. She honed her singing skills with the prestigious Royal Danish Academy of Music choir. Despite spending most of her life in Sweden, she declares her nationality as Danish.

She has also been in advertisements for Message, Ragno, and Stadium. Bing has modeled. Alberte is well known for her appearance as Luna in several episodes of the Danish children's television show Bamses billedbog. The world-famous painter Paul Gauguin is her great-grandfather. Anna Karina born Hanne Karin Blarke Bayer on 22 September is a Danish, now French citizen, film actress, director, and screenwriter who has spent most of her working life in France.

Karina's mother was a dress shop owner and her father was a ship's captain who left the family a year after she was born. She lived with her maternal grandparents for three years, until she was four. She spent the next four years in foster care when she returned to live with her mother. She has described her childhood as "terribly wanting to be loved", and as a child made numerous attempts to run away from home.

She began her career in Denmark, where she sang in cabarets and worked as a model playing in commercials. At age 14, she appeared in a Danish short film by Ib Schedes, which won a prize at Cannes. She studied dance and painting in Denmark and for a while. During the s she became well-known as a theatre and screen actress, and between and she sung with the Danish Radio Jazz Group. She went forward to represent Denmark at the tenth Eurovision Song Very Hot/Autobahn Tchicai - Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra - Even The Moon Is Dancing (CD), held on 20 March in Naples, where "For dyn skyld" finished in seventh place of the 18 entries.

Oddly, the song was voted for by only two other countries, Sweden and Luxembourg, but both had awarded the maximum five points, giving it a relatively high placing. Rate Infernal's debut single, "Sorti de L'enfer" was an instrumental dance-track. From there on, she gained worldwide fame and recognition for her work.

With the name of the band Infernal, she has released four albums and has sold millions of copies to date. Her vocal trademark is a growl before hitting a high note. Lina also recorded a track with Green Court called Silent Heart. Lina was a judge in the first and second season of the danish X Factor. Lina had her first daughter, Karmen, in the beginning of with her long-time boyfriend Kasper Christensen.

Engelina, the daughter of Ann-Cathrin and songwriter Henning Larsen, grew up on Bornholm with her two older sisters. She was originally a jazz and soul singer. One of the first songs they worked on together was "I See Right Through to You", which was later chosen as the theme song to the first season of the reality television show Big Brother Denmark in The group were part of the band in the fourth season of the prime time television show Venner for livet literally "Friends forever" on TV 2 in They released a self-titled album.

Dyrholm received national attention when she placed third in the Danish, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix as a year-old singer. Four years later, she again achieved national recognition when she won the Bodil Award for Best Actress in her debut film: the teenage romance Springflod. When Dyrholm was eight years old, she began performing with the Odense orchestra.

Gerda Neumann 14 December — 26 January was a Danish film actress. She appeared in nine films between and She was born in Denmark and died in Copenhagen, Denmark. Sidsel Ben Semmane born c. At the age of 17, she was the youngest participant to take place in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix. She placed 18 at Eurovision. She is also well-known domestically for her partnership in the duo Trax with John Hatting, her husband. Lise Haavik was born in Narvik, Norway on February 23, Haavik partnered with John Hatting in late and they soon married.

At that point, she pursued music full-time and stopped her economics studies. She soon after met John Hatting late in when he advertised through a record company for a female singer with whom he could start a duo.

The company sent Haavik, and they formed the duo "Trax". While both partners were present at the Contest, only Haavik sang and was credited during the performance Hatting would be credited earlier on as composer.

Her mother is Iranian, and her father is a Parsi. She was part of the Danish pop group Toy-Box, which had worldwide success and sold over 4. After the group's break-up, Aneela started a solo career, releasing her first solo single "Bombay Dreams" in The song was a collaboration with pop singer Arash with whom she worked on several other songs as well, including "Chori Chori", which is a cover of Snow's "Informer".

Apart from her solo career she has also produced and written for Danish artist Burhan G, R producer Saqib and many more. Aneela is currently married and living in the United Kingdom. She is working on her second solo album. Her performance in Lausanne earned the song a third place that year. She hosted the Danish national contest in She was unsuccessful in her bid to represent Denmark again in with "Din musik, min musik". During the mid s he played with percussionist Han Bennink and pianist Misha Mengelberg, co-founding the Instant Composers Pool until In he began leading the piece Willem Breuker Kollektief, which performed jazz in a theatrical and often unconventional manner, drawing elements from theater and vaudeville.

InWillem was knighted with the Order of the Netherlands Lion lung cancer. German actor and singer born in in Hamburg; as well as being the single biggest male movie star in Germany between and and one of the most popular German actors of the twentieth century, he was also a singer.

Many of Hans' songs were humorous tales of drunken, womanizing sailors on shore-leave, with double entendres such as "It hurts the first time, but with time, you get used to it" in reference to a girl falling in love for the first time. Albers' songs were often peppered with expressions in Low German, which is spoken in Northern Germany. The first Bob Dylan song to reach No. TM involved the silent repetition of a word or sound to produce a state of mind that reduces stress, calms the mind, and energizes both mind and body.

They accepted his invitation. McCartney gave the song to The Iveys, soon to become known as Badfinger. The song was later used as the theme for the movie The Magic Christian. He appeared on two of the band's album, their self titled debut album in and Roadwork in while on tour with Edgar Winter, supporting Uriah Heap, Bobby found himself assaulted after an altercation in a Chicago bar. He was tragically beaten and kicked to death after comments were made about the length of his hair.

Regarded by some as the first Disco No. John had met Dee when she was working as a backing singer. John would later re-record the song with RuPaul for his 'Duets' album. The disco diva's only UK chart topper. English comic actor, musician, singer and a Goon; as well as his huge comedy, film and radio career, he was a versatile artist, excelling at dancing and drumming well enough to tour with jazz bands and played ukulele and banjo.

This consisted of him speaking the Beatles lyrics using the stereotypical voice of an actor playing Shakespeare's Richard III. He also performed the song in costume on television. In the late s, Peter released two comedy records produced by George Martin: "The Best of Sellers", with the tracks "Balham, Gateway to the South" and "Suddenly It's Folksong" where a group of people end up smashing up a pub after a row over someone playing a bum note and "Songs for Swinging Sellers" released incontained material written by Frank Muir and Dennis Norden and featured Sellers performing "Puttin on the Style", a parody of the skiffle movement's performer Lonnie Donegan.

He also appeared with guest Irene Handl on the track "Shadows on the Grass" where he plays the part of an Indian man befriending a lady in the park. In he released a third gatefold album entitled Sellers' Market which included comic singing and a feature called the "All England George Formby Finals" where he parodies the late George Formby and his ukelele playing.

The tracks on all three albums showcased Peter's ability to use his flexible voice to enormous comedic effect sadly died of a heart attack. Franklin died, father of soul singer Aretha Franklin. Franklin who was an American Baptist minister as well as a Civil Rights activist had been in a coma since after being shot by burglars at his home in Detroit.

Also on the same day UB40 went to No. English songwriter, composer and singer born in Paddington, London. On leaving the Air Force he had jobs including stand-up comedian, singer, in advertising and started to write songs.

Jerry was signed as a singer to Parlophone and had three charting singles inthe most successful being "Who Could Be Bluer? He wrote the Shadows' UK No. The year-old drummer wed marketing consultant Orianne Cevey in Lausanne, Switzerland. He wrote poems for many years, but began singing professionally in early '65, and released his first album inhis track "La Manic", whose lyrics were a love letter written by a construction worker on the Manicouagan power project, became the most successful record ever by a Quebec chansonnier.

Georges continued to perform as a singer untiland to record until Mercury's former partner, Mary Austin who inherited the Japanese koi collection claimed 84 fish died when the electricity powering a temporary pond was accidentally turned off by a worker from Clifton Nurseries, of Maida Vale, West London. At the time of Mercury's death he had amassed one of the best collections of the fish in the UK. Thompson had been battling throat cancer. Long standing tour manager for Ozzy Osbourne, he had been with Ozzy for 23 years sadly Bobby had been suffering from throat cancer, he passed away in his sleep in a Hotel in Birmingham, Michigan while there with Ozzfest.

He had a degree in electronic engineering, and has been regarded as the man behind the chamber of echoes "Hors-studio" or "off-studio". He eventually opened a nightclub in Geneva. Sherry lept towards the crowd at the end of the bands set and tried to grab a lighting rig from the ceiling but missed and hit the floor.

Video from the night of the concert captured her stepping on her trench coat and then tumbling head-first down twelve steps at the Amway Arena appeared within hours on YouTube.

The year-old lost his temper with news agency employee Catherine Mead when she followed him around Crewkerne, Somerset, in August New York court papers say the advert features the star being encouraged to change his name to 79 Cent, 89 Cent or 99 Cent. Another of his famous works is Scenes from the Louvre, for concert band. It traced the first 50 years in the history of aviation from Kitty Hawk to the present. Giacomo Cordella.

Oh soave mia speranza. Srinivasa Iyer Indian Carnatic vocalist is born. English composer and organist, born in London; he studied at the Royal Academy of Music from to and an organ scholar at Worcester College, Oxford, from to His works include a jazz opera, Man in Cage, which was performed in while he was still at university. He wrote several piano pieces, two cello concertos and some chamber and vocal pieces.

His most frequently performed works are his choral and organ works: his setting of the Magnificat and Nunc dimittis in E major, an organ piece called Carillon, and his arrangement for organ of the orchestral march Crown Imperial by William Walton. The Cabaret Club booking is Brian Epstein's attempt to get The Beatles into the cabaret circuit, but it is a miserable failure with no response from the audience.

Young was initially asked to help out with live material only, but ended up joining the group on and off for the next 30 years. The first of three US No. The song was written in by Hal David and Burt Bacharach and was first offered to Herb Alpert, who said he didn't feel comfortable singing the line 'so they sprinkled moon dust in your hair'. American composer and music educator, born in Fountain Green, Utah, he studied violin, composition, and public school music at the New England Conservatory and in Europe.

D from the University of Southern California. He was chairman of the music department at Brigham Young University from to and at the University of Utah from to Leroy was instrumental in the promotion of the Utah Symphony and of classical music in Salt Lake City.

He is best known for his Oratorio from the Book of Mormon. The setting of the Lord's Prayer from that oratorio was recorded by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and released as a 45 single on the flip side of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, which hit the top 50 charts. Amongst his works in the LDS hymnal was the music for "Up!

Arose Thee, O Beautiful Zion". In the edition of the LDS hymnal there is one hymn with words by Leroy and 8 hymns for which he wrote the music. American rhythm and blues singer and songwriter. Born in Ariton, Alabama, she wrote and sang her blues songs, played the harmonica, taught herself to play the drums and was the first to record the hit song "Hound Dog" in The song was No.

In a similar occurrence, she wrote and recorded "Ball 'n' Chain," which became a hit for her. The song was written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Elvis heard some one else do a cover and added it to his list. Some say Big mama was annoyed with Elvis for doing it. Also a US No. American record producer; while at Florida State University in Tallahassee he played bass guitar in a college band, after which he actually got his start in the music industry as saxophonist for the Las Olas Brass in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

He got his first big break after impressing Neil Young with his mixing ability, and he eventually became head engineer at Compass Point Studio in Nassau, Bahamas.

Among the other artists he produced in the s are James Brown, the J. He also wrote songs for Lewis, Cash, and others. His first single for Groove, "Big Boss Man," was a minor hit, but went on to become one of the most critically acclaimed and most erratic country singers of post-World War II era. He was honoured with 13 awards including 2 grammies died in his sleep from a blood clot in his lung. The singer had been featured in a BBC documentary 'Cruise', and became the first singer to debut at No.

American jazz guitarist, born in Greensboro, North Carolina he is nearly as famous for his reluctance to perform publicly as for his outstanding abilities, he did not take up the instrument until he was 21, but within a year was playing professionally and in was with Marjorie Hyams' band. While with the Red Norvo Trio from —, he became famous in the jazz world.

His huge hands and ability to play rapid yet light lines, which earned him the nickname "Octopus", made him one of the top guitarists of the era. After six months with Artie Shaw's Gramercy Five inTal put together his own group, which for a time included pianist Eddie Costa.

Three people died during the 3-day festival in separate incidents and many were hospitalised after drinking polluted water. LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson, who left the group insaid that the song broke an agreement, which stops both sides making 'any public comment of a disparaging nature concerning one another'. The line, which they were suing over, said 'You thought that I'd be stressed without you, but I'm chillin'.

You thought I wouldn't sell without you, sold nine million'. American rock guitarist, born in Boston, Massachusetts; as a violinist, Erik was accepted as a child into the prodigy program at the Boston Symphony Orchestra, but was wanting to become a rock guitarist, joining Iron Butterfly at He is featured on the band's greatest hit, the legendary minute piece In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida which sold over 20 million copies, went platinum and stayed on Billboard magazine's charts for over a year.

He also wrote the song "Termination," which was featured on the In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida album, recorded when he was just In he formed the band Flintwhistle. Gentle as It May Seem taken from the album : Heavy - Scenes taken from the movie : Le Pacha - German bandleader and trombonist; one of the most innovative trombonists of modern jazz who became famous for his distinctive technique of playing multiphonics.

At the Olympic Games in Munich, he performed as unaccompanied trombonist in a concert set. In he was co-founder of the United Jazz and Rock Ensemble that existed for more than 30 years, and recorded duo albums with Wolfgang Dauner?

September 5th He recorded as a member of the 24th Street Band, releasing 3 albums. American bop and hard bop tenor saxophonist; once known as the "fastest tenor in the west", for Very Hot/Autobahn Tchicai - Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra - Even The Moon Is Dancing (CD) ease with which he could execute fast note runs.

He joined Art Blakey inhis recordings at that time include a memorable album joining together the Messengers and Thelonious Monk, after which he succeeded John Coltrane as a member of Monk's Five Spot quartet and was recording for Blue Note and the Riverside label.

He moved to France and regularly appeared under his own name at jazz clubs such as London's Ronnie Scott's, he became the "first choice" sax player for visiting US musicians touring the continent. Claire also handled their stage production, musical arrangements, business management, and studio production, as well as contributing original songs. Her bands headlined died after a long illness.

German jazz baritone saxophonist, clarinetist and trombonist. Born in Switzerland, he was a highly influencial musician on the German jazz scene. Charles Albert Tindley dies at age American Methodist minister and gospel music composer born in Berlin, Maryland.

He is often referred to as "The Prince of Preachers", he educated himself, became a minister and founded one of the largest Methodist congregations serving the African-American community on the East Coast of the United States.

He was also noted songwriter and composer of gospel hymns and is recognized as one of the founding fathers of American gospel music. Five of his hymns appear in the revised Methodist hymnal, which is used worldwide. His composition "I'll Overcome Someday" is credited by some observers to be the basis for the U.

Civil Rights anthem "We Shall Overcome,". The song "We Shall Overcome" was composed by artists at the Highlander Folk School in Tindley's song had been brought to the school in the s by tobacco workers from Charleston, South Carolina. The singers first of four UK No. McCoy died on 6th July James Australian-born singer is born. American keyboardist, songwriter; born in Munich, Germany he moved to San Francisco, California with his parents at the age of one. He also played in another of Weir's bands, Bobby and the Midnitesin and He was keyboardist with The Dead for 11 years, longer than any other keyboardist.

American singer and Motown artist; with a string of hit singles mainly composed by Smokey Robinson including "Two Lovers" inthe Grammy-nominated "You Beat Me to the Punch" in and her signature hit in"My Guy", she became recognized as "The Queen of Motown" until her departure from the company inat the height of her popularity. In other circles, she's referred to as the "The First Lady of Motown" and was one of Motown's first singing superstars.

Mary came to the attention of Berry Gordy as a year-old, hawking a song she'd written for Jackie Wilson; that song, "Bye Bye Baby," became her first Motown hit inand "My Guy" hit the number one spot in mid, at the very height of Beatlemania and became the first Motown hit in UK. After a fall-out with Motown at the height of her career she signed with 20th Century Fox and also later with the Atlantic Records Very Hot/Autobahn Tchicai - Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra - Even The Moon Is Dancing (CD) Atco, then Jubilee Records, where she scored her final pop hit, "The Doctor", a song she co-wrote with then-husband Cecil Womack.

Two years later Mary left the label for the Warner Music subsidiary Reprise Records and released two Bobby Womack-produced singles before deciding to retire from music altogether in to raise her family. She made a come back in the 80's, bit in doctors diagnosed Mary with laryngeal cancer. Treatments for the disease ravaged her voice, forcing her to quit her music career. Brazilian classical guitarist; born in Sao Paulo, Laurindo made a name for himself in Rio de Janeiro, then in he was asked to the US by Stan Kenton to join his band, after which he was employed as a studio musician.

From through he was a member of the chamber Jazz group The L. The couple split-up in Her record company said the Welsh singer was "receiving treatment for exhaustion and a recurrent asthma complaint - both of which have been exacerbated by drinking and smoking".

He won enormous popularity in the American jazz clubs, made many recordings, appeared as an honoured guest at jazz festivals and played with many international stars. Just under members of the public were in the audience for the show which was co-hosted by veteran disc jockey Sir Jimmy Savile, its very first presenter. The two men admitted they installed two digital video recorders to record Jackson and his lawyer as the pair was traveling on a private jet from Las Vegas to Santa Barbara in November He was influenced by blues, gospel, jazz and country music growing up.

When Brown left Johnny Moore's Three Blazers in to go solo, Floyd replaced him as pianist and singer and recorded with the band and had a hit under his own name in with "Call Operator ". Floyd semi retired in the late 60's, but did occasional tours in the s and s. In he was commissioned to write "Olympic Blues" for the Summer Olympics. American blues drummer; was one of the founders of the blues-rock style of drumming and a Texas legend.

He played with countless artists including B. The bands singer said he "drastically misjudged" the distance when he jumped from the stage during their final song in the set.

American multi-musician and record producer, better known by his stage name Ben Keith. One of his early successes was his steel guitar playing on Patsy Cline's hit "I Fall to Pieces" and was a fixture of the Nashville country music community in the s and s.

Since then Ben is known primarily for his work as a pedal steel guitarist with Neil Young and has worked with numerous successful rock, country and pop artists as both a producer and versatile, multi-instrumentalist sideman for over four decades, working with the likes of Terry Reid, J. He also served as the producer of Jewel's debut album Pieces of You, and has worked as solo artist. Al became a member in Harry and Al were also strongly involved in writing and producing much of their material from the mid s as well as performing production and writing duties for All-Platinum's other artists.

Their last Top Ten single was in The Beatles spent the day with photographer Dezo Hoffman, who took photos and 8mm movies of The Beatles at their hotel, on the beach dressed in Victorian bathing suits, and go-karting.

The singer was suffering from nervous exhaustion. Cass' version would be the most successful when it peaked at No. The song was a tribute to his wife and was written in 10 minutes while he was on a ski lift. The album sold over 6 million copies world-wide. The case dragged on for over a year, halting Springsteen's career. An out of court settlement was reached the following year. Dutch conductor, cellist and composer, born in Winterswijk, Gelderland. He qualified to study medicine at Utrecht University but switched to studying cello and composition at the Amsterdam Conservatoire.

While playing as a cellist in the Utrecht Stedelijk Orkest, he won a composition prize from the Concertgebouw Orchestra for his Suite No. He held posts with the Utrecht Stedelijk Orkest, before being appointed chief conductor of the Residentie Orkest in The Hague from Jan spent 11 years in Australia, from to he was chief conductor of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and in he was appointed chief conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, where he remained until The song featured a harmonica solo by Stevie Wonder.

However, Bobby is most remembered for his solo recording of the Billboard Hot No. It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc cancer. The suit was later settled out of court. Hungarian-born American composer and conductor, best known for his numerous film scores. He is considered to be one of the "founding fathers" of film music. He was one of the most respected and popular composers working in Hollywood and is also regarded today as one of the greatest film score composers of all time.

In a career that spanned over 50 years, he composed music for nearly films, including Spellbound, Quo Vadis, Ben-Hur, and King of Kings Miklos is one of the most nominated composers in Oscar history: he had 16 nominations and three Oscars.

American jazz trumpet player born in Columbus, Ohio, but spent his early childhood in Kentucky. Watts left the band to form his own group Amalgam inthen returned to SME for another stretch that lasted until the mids. Another key association was with the bassist Barry Guy and his London Jazz Composers' Orchestra, an association that lasted from the band's inception in the s up to its permanent?

Though he was initially strongly identified with the avant-garde, Watts is a versatile musician who has worked in everything from straight jazz contexts to rock and blues. Watts has toured the world over numerous times, run workshops, received grants and commissions, and he has collaborated with some of the great jazz musicians including Archie Shepp, Steve Lacy, Don Cherry and Jayne Cortez.

As ofhe continues to travel and toured North American with Veryan Weston. He became interested in jazz during the British Trad Jazz boom of the early s leading to him picking up the clarinet at age 14 his cousin Rick Wakeman giving him his first lesson in his back garden. After playing for three months, Wakeman, together with Rick on piano - the 'only one who knew what he was doing,' put together Drayton Manor Grammar School's first jazz band.

After taking up the alto sax at 16, he got to know Mike Westbrook when the up and coming bandleader came to his school to teach art for a year. He left school at 18 to study clarinet at the London College of Music. At the age of 20, while playing in a working men's club every weekend with cousin Rick, he became involved with the London jazz scene through his acquaintance with free jazz drummer Paul Lytton.

He joined Lytton's quartet for six months, playing every Wednesday night at a club in Tottenham Court Road.

Later he and the drummer formed various bands together, from duo to large line-ups. In they won the G. A Young Musicians Jazz Award. Prior to rejoining Mike Westbrook's band in latehe toured with John Dankworth. InWakeman played briefly with pianist Brian Miller's group Impulse. It was then that he came to the attention of John Marshall, Soft Machine's drummer, who attended a gig by this band at the Chestnut's Club.

Wakeman was considered as a possible replacement for the departing Allan Holdsworth, but it would be another year before he actually joined Soft Machine, stepping in for Mike Ratledge. He was also an original member of another 'Canterbury Music' group about this time, Alan Gowen's Gilgamesh, but left long before any recordings were made.

Wakeman was in Soft Machine from February to July This line-up was documented on the "Softs" album, recorded during the spring of that year. He left when he was offered a retainer as a member of David Essex's band. He also wrote a suite for octet which was premiered at the Camden Jazz Festival.

Since then, Wakeman has kept working occasionally with Westbrook, while keeping busy with commercial work. Initially he played alto and was an admirer of Paul Desmond; by he had switched to tenor and soprano, following the example of John Coltrane, a major influence who, he would later say, determined "my choice of everything". What he heard was "music of a strength and intensity to mark me for life Parker stayed in Birmingham for a time, often playing with pianist Howard Riley.

In he moved to London, became a frequent visitor to the Little Theatre Club, centre of the city's emerging free jazz scene, and was soon invited by drummer John Stevens to join the innovative Spontaneous Music Ensemble which was experimenting with new kinds of group improvisation.

Parker remained in SME through various fluctuating line-ups - at one point it comprised a duo of Stevens and himself - but the late s also saw him involved in a number of other fruitful associations. He began a long-standing partnership with guitarist Bailey, with whom he formed the Music Improvisation Company and, inco-founded Incus Records. Tony Oxley, in whose sextet Parker was then playing, was a third co-founder; Parker left Incus in the mids.

Another important connection was with the bassist Peter Kowald who introduced Parker to the German free jazz scene.

The different approaches to free jazz he encountered proved both a challenging and a rewarding experience. He later recalled that the German musicians favoured a "robust, energy-based thing, not to do with delicacy or detailed listening but to do with a kind of spirit-raising, a shamanistic intensity. And l had to find a way of surviving in the heat of that atmosphere But after a while those contexts became more interchangeable and more people were involved in the interactions, so all kinds of hybrid musics came out, all kinds of combinations of styles.

In the late 70s Parker also worked for a time in Wheeler's small group, recording Around Six and, inhe formed his own trio with Guy and LJCO percussionist Paul Lytton with whom he had already been working in a duo for nearly a decade. Though he has worked extensively in both large and small ensembles, Parker is perhaps best known for his solo soprano saxophone music, a singular body of work that in recent years has centred around his continuing exploration of techniques such as circular breathing, split tonguing, overblowing, multiphonics and cross-pattern fingering.

These are technical devices, yet Parker's use of them is, he says, less analytical than intuitive; he has likened performing his solo work to entering a kind of trance-state. The resulting music is certainly hypnotic, an uninterrupted flow of snaky, densely-textured sound that Parker has described as "the illusion of polyphony".

Many listeners have indeed found it hard to credit that one man can create such intricate, complex music in real time. Parker's first solo recordings, made inwere reissued on the Saxophone Solos CD in ; more recent examples are Conic Sections and Process and Reality, on the latter of which he does, for the first time, experiment with multi-tracking.

Heard alone on stage, few would disagree with writer Steve Lake that "There is, still, nothing else in music - jazz or otherwise - that remotely resembles an Evan Parker solo concert.

While free improvisation has been Parker's main area of activity over the last three decades, he has also found time for other musical pursuits: he has played in 'popular' contexts with Annette Peacock, Scott Walker and the Charlie Watts big band; he has performed notated pieces by Gavin Bryars, Michael Nyman and Frederic Rzewski; he has written knowledgeably about various ethnic musics in Resonance magazine. A relatively new field of interest for Parker is improvising with live electronics, a dialogue he first documented on the Hall of Mirrors CD with Walter Prati.

The late 80s and 90s brought Parker the chance to play with some of his early heroes. He worked with Cecil Taylor in small and large groups, played with Coltrane percussionist Rashied Ali, recorded with Paul Bley: he also played a solo set as support to Ornette Coleman when Skies of America received its UK premiere in The same period found Parker renewing his acquaintance with American colleagues such as Anthony Braxton, Steve Lacy and George Lewis, with all of whom he had played in the s often in the context of London's Company festivals.

His duo concert with Braxton moved John Fordham in The Guardian to raptures over "saxophone improvisation of an intensity, virtuosity, drama and balance to tax the memory for comparison". Parker's 50th birthday in brought celebratory concerts in several cities, including London, New York and Chicago. The London performance, featuring the Parker and Schlippenbach trios, was issued on a highly-acclaimed two-CD set, while participants at the American concerts included various old friends as well as more recent collaborators in Borah Bergman and Joe Lovano.

Parker's future plans involve exploring further possibilities in electronics and the development of his solo music. They also depend to a large degree on continuity of the trios, of the large ensembles, of his more occasional yet still long-standing associations with that pool of musicians to whose work he remains attracted.

This attraction, he explained to Coda's Laurence Svirchev, is attributable to "the personal quality of an individual voice". The players to whom he is drawn "have a language which is coherent, that is, you know who the participants are.

At the same time, their language is flexible enough that they can make sense of playing with each other Larry Stabbins started playing saxophone at the age of eleven. He started a long association with pianist Keith Tippett when he was sixteen, at the same time serving his musical apprenticeship in countless soul bands.

In addition to occasional duo performances, in the mid-eighties they also worked as a trio for a time with percussionist Louis Moholo, recording the album Tern for FMP Records in Berlin.

As a result he met many of the 'second generation' of British improvisors and often played the Little Theatre Club, sometimes solo, often in combinations with people such as Terry Day, Marcio Mattos, Ken Hyder, Paul Burwell, Maggie Nicols and particularly Roy Ashbury with whom he formed a regular duo, recording Fire without bricks for Bead Records in Alongside this he played with the seminal pop group Weekend and formed a key writing partnership with its guitarist Simon Booth.

This became the basis for Working Week, a project that took a melange of latin, soul and jazz into the world of pop and dance music. The band toured extensively in Europe and Japan, performing at most of Europe's major Jazz Festivals, recording five albums for Virgin Records, in addition to writing for film and TV. In the mid s, he played with American musicians such as Don Cherry and Steve Lacy and, following a sojourn in Paris with Don Cherry, returned to Germany for his unorthodox approach to be accepted by local musicians like Alex von Schlippenbach and Manfred Schoof.

As a trio, and augmented with other musicians who could stand the pace e. A group with Harry Miller and Louis Moholo continued the trio format though was cut short by Miller's early death. The thirty-plus years of playing and recording free jazz and improvised music have produced, even on just recorded evidence, a list of associates and one-off combinations that include just about all the major figures in this genre: Derek Bailey including performances with Company e. Always characterised as an energy player - and the power-rock setting of Last Exit with Ronald Shannon Jackson, Sonny Sharock and Bill Laswell, or his duo performances with his son, Casper, did little to disperse this conviction - his sound is one of the most distinctive, life-affirming and joyous in all music.

He has also released a number of CDs on the Chicago-based Okka Disk label, including the excellent trio with Hamid Drake and the Moroccan Mahmoud Gania, at times sounding like some distant muezzin calling the faithful to become lost in the rhythm and power of the music. This diversity in compositional style, plus the variety in individualistic approaches to improvisation, allows the Tentet to play extremely multifaceted music.

As the band moves from piece to piece, it explores intensities that range from spare introspection to all out walls of sound, and rhythms that are open or free from a steady pulse to those of a heavy hitting groove. It is clear that the difficult economics of running a large band hasn't prevented the group from continuing to work together since its first meeting. Through their effort they've been able to develop an ensemble sound and depth of communication hard to find in a band of any size or style currently playing on the contemporary music scene.

Coe began his performing career playing with Humphrey Lyttelton's band from to Coe has also worked with the Matrix, a small ensemble formed by clarinettist Alan Hacker, with a wide-ranging repertoire of early, classical, and contemporary music, the Danish Radio Big Band, Metropole Orchestra and Skymasters in the Netherlands. He also composed the film score for Camomille. In a grant from the Arts Council enabled him to write Zeitgeist, a large-scale orchestral work fusing jazz and rock elements with techniques from Very Hot/Autobahn Tchicai - Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra - Even The Moon Is Dancing (CD) Art Music.

He received an honorary degree and the Danish Jazzpar Prize He has been actively improvising since the early s and was a member of I. He recorded the solo album 'Still Outside' in and more recently 'Trap Street', with Steve Beresford electronics and Roger Turner percussion which was released in May on Emanem. Born in Greenwich, South East London, Rutherford initially played saxophone but switched to trombone.

During the s, he taught at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. InRutherford, guitarist Derek Bailey and bassist Barry Guy formed the improvising group Iskrawhich lasted until The formation was documented on a double album from Incus, later reissued with much bonus material on the 3-CD set Chapter One Emanem, A film soundtrack was separately released as Buzz Soundtrack.

The group's unusual name is the Russian word for "spark"; it was the title of the Iskra revolutionary newspaper edited by Lenin. The "" designation means "20th century music for trio"; occasionally Evan Parker played with the group Iskra and Rutherford also at one point assembled a piece ensemble called, inevitably, Iskra The group was later revived with Philipp Wachsmann replacing Bailey, a phase of the group's life that lasted from roughly to ; its earlier work is documented on Chapter Two Emanem, and its final recordings were issued on Maya Iskra and Emanem Frankfurt He also played a very small number of gigs with Soft Machine.

He is perhaps most famous for solo trombone improvisations. His album The Gentle Harm of the Bourgeoisie is a landmark recording in solo trombone and his Trio album Gheimrecorded at the Bracknell Jazz Festival is another acclaimed work. A resident in the UK sincehe had an international reputation. In the s he worked and recorded within the band of bass player and composer Graham Collier. He was a member of the Orchestre National de Jazz between and Most of his performances were rooted in jazz, Very Hot/Autobahn Tchicai - Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra - Even The Moon Is Dancing (CD), but he was also active in free improvisation and occasionally contributed to rock music recordings.

Wheeler wrote over one hundred compositions and was a skilled arranger for small groups and large ensembles. Wheeler was born in Toronto, Ontario, on 14 January Growing up in Toronto, he began playing cornet at age 12, and became interested in jazz in his mid-teens.

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Dance Opera Trip 11 on Discogs. He toured abroad with Johnny Dyani, Chris McGregor, Keith Tippett, John Tchicai, Joachim Kühn, Dudu Pukwana's Zila, George Gruntz's Bands, Belgian quintet The Wrong Object, Pierre Dørge's New Jungle Band and Annie Whitehead's Robert Wyatt project, Soupsongs, which also featured Phil Manzanera and Julie Tippetts, among other jazz and rock. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Music for the Dance of the Vajra - Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche on AllMusic - Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra Live in Chicago # as Olufsen Records DOCD (CD, ) [NOTE: includes shorter edits of tracks 3 & 5] all included in The Ulufsen Years , Steeplechase SCCD/24 (5-CD, ). Pierre Dørge New Jungle Orchestra. Recorded Steeplechase. Price Euro. Plays Swedish Jazz Compositions. Bernt Rosengren. Recorded PB7. Price Euro. You Better Watch Out. MIBB Big Band. Recorded Music Mecca. Price Euro. Tarantula Suite. Tolvan Big Band. Birthe Wilke (born 19 March ) is a popular Danish singer. She grew up in a musical family in Copenhagen's Vesterbro area. When she was in her teens, she won a talent competition at the National Scala Theatre in Copenhagen, sang as soloist with Bruno Henriksen's Orchestra at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, made her first recording, and was named "Denmark's Doris Day" and recorded "Que . Adapted from Steeplechase online CD catalogue - Not all titles may have been issued on vinyl series Cat. no. Artist and Title Jackie McLean Live At Montmartre Kenny Drew DUO Joe Albany Birdtown Birds Johnny Griffin Blues For Harvey Paul Bley BLEY/NHØP Jackie McLean The Meeting Kenny. (Experimental Big Band, Modern Creative) Pierre Dorge & New Jungle Orchestra - Very hot - Even the moon is dancing - , FLAC (image+.cue), lossless» Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Improvisation (lossless):: Delta Moon - Low Down JJ CD. (Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra, Mari Boine, Eivind Aarset Sonic Codex) and yet, in all these years, he had never recorded an album under. Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra: Dancing Cheek to Cheek (, Stunt). Two nods to tin pan alley: "Cheek to Cheek" done Louis/Ella style, except that this Louis is Ray Anderson; and "Body and Soul" slowed to a savory crawl by Josephine Cronholm.


The Sixth Toe - Agness - Love, Alice (CD, Album), Everybody Loves My Baby, Так Начинался День - Сурганова И Оркестр - Чужие Как Свои (CD, Album), Rejoice - Riz All Stars - Who Gave The Permission? (CD), Midnight Man - Various - Top 10 Europe (Vinyl, LP), Burl Ives - A Holly Jolly Christmas / Snow For Johnny (Vinyl), Gurus Jazzmatazz* Featuring Bilal - Certified (Vinyl), Blue And Sentimental - Count Basie - Standing Ovation (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  1. Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra ‎– Even The Moon Is Dancing Tenor Saxophone – Tchicai* Soloist, Tenor Saxophone, Bass Saxophone, Oboe [Zurna Istanbul] – Carlsen* Written-By – Dørge* B1: Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra: Even The Moon Is Dancing ‎ (CD) SteepleChase: SCCD Scandinavia: /5(12).
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  5. Pierre Dørge New Jungle Orchestra. Recorded Steeplechase. New Orleans Hot Shot. Reg Koeller. Recorded Records. Price Euro. Oh Brian Even The Moon Is Dancing. New Jungle Orchestra. Recorded Steeplechase.
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    He formed the genre-bending big band Cadentia Nova Danica and played and recorded with Pierre Dorge's New Jungle Orchestra (I particularly like "Very Hot/Autobahn Tchicai" from the album Even the Moon is Dancing) and various Cecil Taylor large ensembles. In the 's, after he was awarded a lifetime grant from the Danish Ministry of Culture, he moved back to the U.S. - to California this time.
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  9. John Tchicai, Harry Beckett, Johnny Dyani, Billy Hart (All Titles Johnny Dyani) Angolian Cry, For Leo Dirch Petersen, Does Your Father Know / U.D.F. / Year Of The Child / Blues For Moyake / Portrait Of Mosa Gwangwa Even The Moon Is Dancing - Pierre Dorge & New Jungle Orchestra.

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